How to make Chinese tourists

A separate segment of the independent Chinese travelers are business travelers. They are experienced travelers who are abroad usually meet their local partners. To these companies traditionally spend significant budgets, trying to repay the Chinese for their hospitality in China.

It is obvious that Chinese tourists, for whom there is a fight, independent travelers – avoid mass cheap tours and trips that arrange themselves for new experiences. According to Chinese statistics 2017, 56% of tourists leaving the country, organized the trip themselves or with the help of a travel Agency as a personal tour for a small group of friends, colleagues, family. An increasing number of countries open to Chinese tourism, and the role of this segment will increase.

A tank firing range as a business idea

In Russia in addition to the traditional restaurants and outings in recent years have become popular tours on tank ranges and on hunting: in China, the same fun is very difficult. This category of visitors from China is all right with money, but not enough time: the availability of information in the Chinese language and the ability to make purchases without going far from the hotel, often determines their choice when looking for gifts and Souvenirs for home.

By the way, the question of what to give when he comes to visit Chinese partner, occasionally acute at the offices of the Moscow firms – today it may be an interesting niche for the development of small business.

Experienced travelers often speak good English, are young, going to new places, happy to try the local cuisine, visit cultural and historical sites. For many, the uniqueness of the experiences is much more important than the price.

Unique experiences and educational tours

Members of the tourist industry of China claimed that among the individual travelers of most interest are now two trends.

The first is a unique new experiences, and they do not differ from those who choose wealthy travelers around the world. For example, traveling to places included in the heritage list of UNESCO, on the places with unusual culinary experiences with immersion in local life and traditions in remote locations – Antarctica, Galapagos Islands, lost in the mountains villages, etc.

The second study tours/summer camps for children. Especially popular among Chinese parents summer training camps at well-known universities. The price for the stay in such camps in the United States ranges from $5000 to $8000 for a 10-day shift. In 2016, more than 800,000 Chinese in study abroad tours during holidays, spending more than $3 billion.

What do you expect from overseas travel to Chinese tourists

– Any tour for Chinese tourists is considered to be poorly organized that it provides an extensive program of shopping. The average individual Chinese tourist spending on shopping in the trip is $729 per person, while tourists-Chinese – $486. What do they buy? Leaders for today – the consumption of luxury goods, although, according to some, the value of this trend is reduced due to the slowdown of the Chinese economy and the growing availability of foreign luxury goods in China.

– Receive mobile payments. More than 50% of people in China use mobile payments, preferring Alipay and WeChat in cash and Bank cards. The same level of comfort they expect abroad. In the winter of 2018 Finland was the first country that offered Chinese tourists full coverage of the sphere of tourism and service Alipay. As a result, the flow of Chinese tourists in Finland increased by 63%, from 265 000 in 2016 up to 432 000 in 2017, the average Chinese tourists spent during their stay in Finland is $1553 in US dollars per person.

The beauty of the tourist places emphasis on the types of photo and video. Absolutely typical pattern in exotic resorts: conscious of the beauty of the sun, lying on deckchairs in the half-asleep tourists-Chinese and Chinese tourists, putting on a fifth swimsuit and making the hundredth the thousandth view. Photographing in beautiful places – a kind of psychological need of Chinese, effective way of demonstrating the environment, how privileged and rich in their lives.

– Internet access – comfortable travelling abroad. It is the Chinese today are at the forefront of mobile app users, revolutionary payment systems, they are leaders in the amount of time, conducted online. Chinese tourists use the Internet and mobile applications, including for finding local attractions, restaurants, around the city etc, they are much more than tourists from other countries, trust the recommendations of users, not tourist guides or promotional materials.

– Chinese tourists traveling abroad, a long list of places to visit, things to do, food you want to try, purchases that they want to bring to China. They tend to do everything in one trip. The purpose of the trip is to maximize happiness in one trip, nobody else there is a rich program that will run from cover to cover.

– The Chinese are sensitive to how they are perceived, they want to see respect for themselves and their culture. Many of them claim that the choice of the direction of travel of the hospitality of the local population and their good attitude to the Chinese is more important than the ease of obtaining a visa. As respect to their culture they consider attention to their traditions and habits: avoidance of settlement of the Chinese guests in rooms with the number “4” to the recruitment of personnel who can speak Chinese and liquid rice porridge for Breakfast.

Just ten years ago making foreign visa (and the passport) was for the Chinese a highly complex enterprise with not always predictable result. To date, more than 100 countries opened for China preferential visa regime. This trend will only grow. In addition to key issues such as visa access and security, on the preferences of the mass in the modern world of the tourist is affected by a complex set of factors, not always obvious to non-Chinese players in the tourist industry. However, the adequacy of decisions will determine not only the number of Chinese tourists in the country, but also how and how much it will earn on this stream the host country.

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