Where to invest the most cautious investors

The owners of the IMS to remember: despite the increase in the maximum amount of the contribution to 1 million roubles with the ability to increase it for the same amount, the tax deduction from the contribution is still considered of the amount of 400 000 rubles. Even investing 1 million rubles, the customer will receive a deduction from taxes in the amount of not more than 52 000 a year.

The acquisition of OFZ-N well matched with their purchase of individual investment accounts (IMS). Thus, it is possible to obtain a guaranteed rate of return due to the tax deduction, but the amount of investment will be limited to 1 million rubles.

Judging by the condition of the market at the moment, conservative investor, your portfolio RIS better be distributed among Federal loan bonds (40%), equities (30%) and bonds (20%). According to the Moscow exchange, the overwhelming share of the trading turnover at the IMS today is stock. However, predictions on the stock market until the end of 2018 contradictory. More uncertainty associated with the possibility of tightening sanctions from the United States. Russian stocks in such conditions are considered an asset high risk, so those who are serious share portfolio IMS invested in shares, it is better to shorten it. Analysts of the largest Russian banks are also telling their customers: “Andinvestitii in Russian stocks – at your own risk”. The OFZ market, by contrast, may enlist the support of the regulator. OFZ yields in September has already exceeded 9%.

How do they have?

If the Russian papers there is uncertainty in 2018 ahead or expected sanctions, investments in foreign markets look more attractive. With European and American stocks, currency, futures, Treasury bonds, ETF’s possible to work with Western or Russian brokers. Foreigners are very actively hunt for Russian customers, and the procedure for opening an international brokerage account is pretty simple. When you work with Russian brokers and UK should remember that the service fee will be higher than when opening account with a major broker.

Last year the S&P 500 gained almost 20%. Since the beginning of this year, fluctuations up to 10% in both directions. It is not excluded that in 2018 it will punch a mark in the 3000, which gives a real chance to capitalize on the American stock. Another option of investment can be the purchase of U.S. Treasury securities. From December 2015, seven times the fed raised its key rate since June it is 1.75-2%.

The yield on 10-year Treasury securities on may 17 reached a maximum for last seven years to 3.11% per annum. After in August, the fed’s Jerome Powell confirmed the continuation of the policy a reasonable rate hike, the yield on 10-year Treasury bonds also exceeded 3%. Judging by the statements by the fed in the coming years could happen several more rounds of rate hike, therefore, the purchase of bonds with fixed income world’s largest economy is a good idea.

Buy currency

Don’t forget about the cash. As they say, cash is also a position. The conservative investor is wise to save in rubles, 50% of the amount that he is willing to spend next year, and the rest distribute in the currency. Until the end of the year there is a high probability of strengthening of the dollar. Despite the unprecedented increase in the price of Brent crude oil, this phenomenon is short-term.

USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries are willing to compensate for the loss of Iranian oil on the market. Most likely, will soon resume the downtrend, and by the end of the year, Brent will cost in the range of $65-70/barrel. In addition, all actions of the President Donald trump is aimed at strengthening the American economy. A nuclear “deal” with Iran can be seen as a political and economic move that will lead to new, more favorable for US terms.

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