Yandex it will definitely affect: IT-companies

In conversation with “Interfax” Gorelkin also called a possible object of the action of the bill Mail.Ru Group. Thus, according to him, the document does not concern Facebook and Google. “We have in some sectors of the economy are the list of strategic enterprises, and here we spend a certain analogy. And the government Commission will determine those IT companies that are focused on the Russian market and is a major part of the market,” he explained.

“The list of important for development of Russia ‘s information and communication infrastructure resources will be a government Commission. I think that “Yandex” it will definitely affect”, – said Gorelkin TASS.

“In the case of the bill can be destroyed unique ecosystem of Internet businesses in Russia, where local players compete successfully with global companies. The affected end users. We believe that the bill in its current form should not be accepted, and are willing to participate in the discussion,” – said the press service of “Yandex”.

“We believe that the bill could not be passed by the State Duma in the current edition. Mail.Ru Group plans to participate in the discussion and I am sure that the government is in discussions with the market will find acceptable to all parties scenario,” said Forbes representative Mail.Ru Group.

“To support the initiative or not, we will be clear only after we meet with the leadership of companies Telegram, “Classmates”, Mail.Ru, Rambler and “Yandex” – says a colleague Gorelkina the Committee, MP Andrey Svintsov. – If the leadership of these companies assure us that they will not lead to significant losses, we will take a decision.” On the one hand, it is important for Russian companies to attract foreign investment, but it is also important to observe the Golden mean in the Russian segment, he added.

The bill under “Yandex”

The source of The Bell, knowing the history of the preparation of the bill, said that “Yandex” – the main purpose of the bill. According to the interlocutor of the edition, the project contributed specifically in one of the last days of the Duma before the summer recess, to “the authorities had time to spend with Yandex negotiations on any restructuring, which will increase state control over the company”.

Two people familiar with the interlocutor of “sheets” of two Internet companies argue that Gorelkin introduced the project at the request of staff of the presidential administration. One of the interlocutors of the newspaper knows it from the deputies of the state Duma, the second refers to preliminary discussions with officials.

The parent structure of “Yandex” – Netherlands Yandex N. V. it has only three shareholders owning a stake of over 5%. Is Arkady Volozh (10,35% of the shares of the company and 49,23% of votes), Vladimir Ivanov (3.83% of capital and 6.23% of the votes) and the American WMC Investment Management (5,12% of the capital of 2.46% of the vote). In addition, the “Golden share” of Yandex owns the savings Bank – this allows him to impose a veto on the sale of more than 25% of the company.

Yandex and Sberbank at the end of 2017 has created a joint venture, which, on idea, should become a “Russian Amazon”. Partners valued the company at 60 billion rubles. Sberbank has invested in a joint venture 30 billion. “Russian Amazon” was to be built on the basis of “Yandex.Market”. However, already in 2018, “Vedomosti” and The Bell announced that the Bank intends to become a major shareholder of Yandex. In “Yandex”, and in the savings Bank it was denied. In July, new information – the fact that companies are willing to “divorce” because the relationship between them in the framework of the joint venture be “difficult”, reported The Bell. In both companies denied this information.

In June, RBC reported that the FSB has asked “Yandex” the keys to decrypt user data “Yandex.Mail and Yandex.Of disc” in accordance with the law of Spring. A few days later, “Yandex” has announced that it has reached with the security forces agreement on the transfer of data to the security forces. Managing Director of the company Tigran khudaverdyan said that “the situation is very simple – there is a law of Spring, and all should perform it”.

Not the first such project

In October last year the state Duma has already introduced a similar bill. The authors, deputies of fractions of LDPR and “United Russia” Andrei Lugovoi, Boris Paikin, Anton Gorelkin and Mikhail Starshinov proposed to prohibit foreigners from owning more than 20% in news aggregators. News aggregators in Russia are considered four of the service “Yandex.News”, “Mail.Ru news, Rambler news” and “SMI2” (they are entered in the register of news aggregators, a selection criterion – audience of over 1 million people per day).

The bill was passed in the first reading, but then I slowed down on the edits to the document to the second, main reading was not found consensus, explained to “Vedomosti”, the head of profile Duma Committee Leonid Levin.

In 2016, the same 20% limit on foreign ownership applies to the media.

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