Ivan Tavrin bought loss-making services on repair of apartments

The transaction amount was not disclosed, but – “Done.ru” Ilya Sergeev told Forbes that “in General” it “close to market”. “The funding will provide KCG, will allow and cover operating needs of the company, and to make the necessary investments in the further development of the product,” said Forbes Shargaev.

Tavrin through their representatives Forbes confirmed the fact of purchase “is Made.ru” by his company Kismet Capital Group (KCG). According to him, Ilya Sergeev will remain in the project as CEO and Oskolkov-Tsentsiper and Mihic-Jeftic withdrew from participation in the project “quite some time”.

In the nearly five years of work “Done.ru” has attracted about $5 million investment, said Sergeev. However, the investment round, which the company had to close this year, was delayed, said Forbes.ru Alexey Alexan, partner of Cabra.vc who invested in “Made.ru” together with a number of business angels 50 million rubles in 2017. According to him, the Foundation invited the founders to sell the project to a strategic investor. “We gave the guys a guideline on how to do it, and generally happy with the deal,” says Alexan.

According to the “SPARK” in 2017, a net loss of OOO “is Made.Moscow”, whose Director General is the co-founder of service Ilya Sergeev, amounted to more than 83 million rubles. More recent information is not in the database.

The buyer of the company does not deny that at the end of last year, she worked at a loss, but does not consider this to be a sign of failure of the project. “Done work in the building industry, where any underfunding is fraught with failures in operating processes, and investment must do regularly. In 2018, the company was unprofitable, we came in 2019 with a proposal to buy and develop, because we believe in know-how “Made” and that the market serial repairs will seriously transform”, – answered the question about the financial status of their new asset Ivan Tavrin.

One of the market participants said that the media Manager I decided to niche services for repair and was interested in at least two projects with similar business model. “The repair market is a large target market where there is monopoly, which is very fragmented, and it is possible to grow a large company-leader,” explains Forbes Tavrin.

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