Billionaire Masayoshi Dream has collected a Fund of $100 billion

Mickey Arison

Condition: $8.3 billion

Source of wealth: Carnival Cruises
Care: “We are not in order,” said one sign. “The collapse happens” on the other. These messages were placed on the deck of the ship Carnival Triumph when a tow boat dragged it along with 3143 passengers in port in mobile, Arizona. This disaster in July 2013 has put an end to the career of Arizona as skipper in his fathers company Carnival Cruises.

Arison was one of those leaders who like to ride on a yacht around the world and visit the match “Miami heat” (he owned the team). And he was mostly absent when the media drew attention to problems with the cruises, including the crash of the Costa Concordia in January 2012 off the coast of Italy, which led to the deaths of at least 32 people, and other accidents, for which the ships were stranded, and one of them attacked the pirates.

Last words: “We need to get back to the core of the company. It’s a vacation. This is fun!”

Jack Dorsey

State: $3.9 billion

Source of wealth: Twitter, Square
Care (in 140 characters): Created site with Williams, was lost in 2008 during the boom in popularity (and drop servers!). Back to the main post 7 years #TBT

Last words: “Today, the most effective way to spread an idea is corporate structure. 200 years ago it was probably something else, in 100 years it will be something completely new. But all this is done for the sake of ideas”.

Steve Jobs

Status (at death): $7 billion

Source of wealth: Apple, Pixar
Care: Apple’s Decision to fire jobs in 1985 – perhaps the most famous dismissal in history. Inviting a few years earlier the General Director of Pepsi John sculley as a nurse, a computer company first took jobs with the post of head of the division, which develops Mac – and then as Chairman of the Board of Directors. “In those days it was not a very good Manager,” recalled Scully in 2013. Jobs stepped back, licked the wounds and founded two companies (Pixar and NeXT computers), and in 1996, of course, came back to lay the Foundation for a giant worth $980 billion, which was Apple. “He’s learned a lot over the years on the loose,” said Scully. These lessons have turned him into “the great Steve jobs, who is known today as perhaps the greatest leader in the world and undoubtedly the greatest leader of our age.”

Last words: “In 30 years kicked me out. And very publicly. The center of my entire adult life was gone, and it was a shock”.

Travis Kalanick

Condition: $3.5 billion

Source of wealth: Uber

Care: Now, Uber, with Kalanick at the wheel – it seems comical, like a cartoon car that slips on a banana peel. How it all began? In December 2016 and up to February next year, Kalanick was considered to be the next evil genius of Silicon valley: sure, he’s a bully and a maniac, but he’s changing the world! In the month surfaced allegations of sexual harassment, as well as a video in which Kalanick argues with the driver of Uber. Corporate culture, Uber has been heavily criticized, a company boycotted and ridiculed. Then the New York Times found that Uber have been systematically lied to authorities and regulators, when aggressively breaking into new markets.
Uber has fired some of the employees about twenty people, but at the end of June of that year the five largest investors demanded the withdrawal of Kalanick, who was then on leave because of the death of his mother when riding on the boat. In the end, Kalanick resigned.

Last words: “I love Uber more than anything else, and in this difficult period in my personal life, I accepted the request of investors to step aside so that Uber could develop, without being distracted by another conflict.”

Sean Parker

State: $2.7 billion

Source of wealth: Napster, Facebook
Care: really care. Parker was first expelled from Napster before the lawsuit of the music industry players led to the collapse of the company in 2001. Then, in 2004, of Plaxo, an online directory, which he helped create. One of the founders of Plaxo, describes the contribution of Parker: “It was one of those cases when he does not come to work or come at 11 am, but not to work, and to show the crowd of girls that he was the founder of a startup”.

And the most famous case Facebook. Approximately 12 months Parker found Facebook friends with mark Zuckerberg, he helped attract seed funding, became the first President of the company, and then – boom! – resigned when police in North Carolina found cocaine in a beach house rented in his name. He moved to new York, where he found solace in the company of songwriter Grateful Dead John Perry, an old friend.

Last words: “When you are asked to go on a long vacation, this is essentially a prelude to dismissal.”

Mark Pincus

State: $1.3 billion

Source of wealth: video games
Care: For some time FarmVille seemed like the promised land of the Internet, located in the center of a growing trend of “social gaming”. Its parent company Zynga and co-founder and CEO of Pincus quickly learned the truth, as old as the world: it is difficult constantly to earn a lot on the farm. Two years after Zynga’s IPO in 2011, Pincus hastily gathered the things, when Microsoft veteran Dan Mattrick succeeded him as General Director. Pincus returned to his former position in 2015, but a year later once again left him.

Last words: “the Internet is very little treasures.”

Richard Schultz

Condition: $3.8 billion

Source of wealth: Best Buy
Care: Schultz was injured, because he made a bad bet. Brian Dunn, CEO of Best Buy, was his man: former sales Manager of the retail, dedicated employee – Schultz personally chose him as CEO in 2009. Two years later, Schultz had concealed from the Board the fact that Dunn was involved in a sexual relationship with a 29-year employee. Dunn was fired, and Schultz forced him to follow. Schultz briefly considered the idea of redemption, but then changed his mind. It was the right decision. He’s still the honorary Chairman and largest investor in Best Buy, whose shares rose six times after he fell to a record low in December 2012.

Last words: “When I began my business, it relied on its own knowledge and experience. But I soon realized that employees, when given the opportunity, add new facets to what we were trying to achieve, that was far beyond my understanding.”

Chip Wilson

Status: $4.2 billion

Source of wealth: Lululemon
Care: No amount of yoga would have helped Wilson to get out of those rude comments that he allowed himself after a disastrous opinion too transparent clothing for yoga in November 2013. Instead of having to rely on too thin a fabric, Wilson said that “the bodies of some women failed”. He resigned as Director-General two years earlier. A month after these remarks he left the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Chip showed a want of prudence and wisdom to understand that he is not suited to the role of CEO told Forbes in 2012 by the then CEO Lululemon Christine day. – He understands what it means to give”. Maybe not. Over the next year, Wilson was trying to regain control of Lululemon, and came even to the idea of a hostile takeover.

Last words:“I wanted to win, a Director of the company I founded, tried not to lose.”

Steve Wynn

State: $3.1 billion

Source of wealth: casinos
Care: In January 2018, The Wall Street Journal described in detail how dozens of people complain about sexual harassment by Wynn, CEO and largest shareholder of Wynn Resorts. He denied all the charges – including that he forced her manicurist to have sex with him, and explained their campaign to demonize organized by his ex-wife Elaine. It didn’t help. Less than two weeks after the WSJ article he resigned. After about a month he “cashed in chips”, sold everything he owned shares of Wynn Resorts.

Last words: “I found myself under an avalanche of bad publicity. When I was thinking about what kind of situation it had created a situation where jumping to conclusions are more important than anything else, including facts, something realized, they can no longer effectively carry out current duties.”

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