Sberbank invested in the American warehouse robots

This is not the first robots, which caught the interest of the savings Bank. The Bank has its own laboratory, headed by albert Efimov. She acts robotic development in five areas: industrial robotics collaborative (such devices work under the control of the operator, but not replace human), logistic robots, unmanned vehicles, exoskeletons and industrial service assistants. According to the Bank, in the near future to 70% of Bank employees may give up their positions for the robots.

In 2012, Amazon bought the developer of robots Kiva Systems for $775 million, and it soon ceased to sell the warehouse robot company to other companies. Since then, Amazon has deployed tens of thousands of these robots in their warehouses, but in the market of industrial robotics has formed a niche that was filled by startups like Fetch Robotics. Due to this Fetch Robotics has been able to attract such large partners as DHL or Wärtsilä, which started to implement robots in their warehouses.

To date, the company has several products, among which are the robot VirtualConveyor, which can be moved from point A to point B in space, avoiding collisions with people, corners and random objects RollerTop robot with rollers at the top, so it can drive up to the conveyor belt, and shift it load and CartConnect module with a pair of metal spikes, the ability to collect and transport goods around the warehouse.

Why robots Sberbank?

“Sberbank has several pilot implementations sites automatic recalculation of cash on the basis of industrial robots, says albert Efimov, head of robotics Lab of the savings Bank. – We use models that are fully interactive so models from other manufacturers. In addition, Industrial exoskeletons development of the SKOLKOVO company “Helpful Robots” is applied to the archive and logistics center of Sberbank. Widely known for our design – digital presenter Elena, who’ve run dozens of programs on our corporate TV. The robotics lab of the savings Bank conducts a few experiments with the logistic robots, air and ground drones. However, about results while to speak early”.

Recently the savings Bank has published an annual report on the robotics market, which warned that “the overmind may be almost the last invention of mankind.”

According to statistics, which was quoted in the report, from 2009 to 2017, the number of industrial robots in the world increased from 60 000 to 381 000, and in the next two years will rise to 630 000, predict the authors of the report of Sberbank. According to the report, the market for industrial robotics by 2022 will exceed $210 billion. This increase is associated with the automation of production and a strong jump in the development of service robotics that will expand human capabilities.

What is Fort Ross Ventures?

Fort Ross Ventures was created by Sberbank in 2013. It was initially called SBT Venture Capital and was later renamed MoneyTimeSBT. The company operated Fund of Venture Fund I the amount of $100 million.

Managing partner of the Fund Viktor Orlovsky, formerly senior Vice President, digital business development of Sberbank. According to the Orlovsky, Gref agreed to make him a Manager of the Fund, provided that Orlovsky will invest in the project own money. It accounted for 10% of the Fund, the rest – money of the savings Bank.

In October 2017 FortRoss Ventures announced the launch of SBT Venture Fund II in the amount of $75 million by the end of 2017, his size was expected to reach $200 million.

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