Why Russia is not ready for the introduction of a basic income

According to him, authoritarian regimes, no matter how good a leader is essential to the effective application of the mechanism of basic income as in the sole management of the growing risks of errors. This observation is true for Russia. “We see a tremendous number of errors in social policy. They are connected with a procedure so that decisions are made hastily and in secret,” – said during a speech Gontmaher.

“Basic income is a question of redistribution of accumulated wealth within the country. To this initiative, Russia is not ready, since there is no such tool discussion and decision. Besides, it violated the principles of fair distribution of wealth”, – explained the correspondent of Forbes Evgeny Gontmakher.

Partly agrees with him and chief economist and head of Global practice for social protection and labor markets, world Bank Ruslan emcov. According to him, now the population of Russia has a complex social assistance system that operates very inefficiently. “According to Rosstat estimates, 15% poor, and by our estimates much more turn out of the social assistance system. Perhaps the introduction of a basic income would help to break the deadlock,” – said AMCOW.

Now researchers from the world Bank are studying the practice of implementation of basic income in other countries and try to assess how effective would be the application of this mechanism in Russia special report on this subject should appear next year. But now, according to preliminary results of the study, the experts it is clear that the introduction of a basic income in Russia in the coming years will not work.

“A simple replacement of existing payments basic income will result in losses for a significant proportion of poor people,” – said AMCOW. His position, however, he never explained. The expert also noted that Russian society is not yet thinking about equality and are not psychologically ready for such a serious reform. “We now see significant potential support for such a radical change of the social contract in Russia”, – said AMCOW.

According to the economist, at the current stage of Russia’s development are more appropriate measures such as increased support for the poor and the increase in its size, because it is less costly and more effective reform than the introduction of a basic income.

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