Potanin, Gref and Vardanyan are thinking about business in Russia

However, not all problems come from within. Most of the respondents (59%) believe that a very negative impact on Russian business was affected by the sanctions. However, there were those who the consequences of restrictive measures were positive: there were 15%, and most of them are, not surprisingly, are engaged in agriculture.

Frustrates them and what the status of the entrepreneur in society is very low, legislation is constantly changing, and the concept of the sacredness of private property is still missing. “We have the rules of the game can change during the game. Like you’re playing chess with the white pieces, but then at some point suddenly realize that it is already black,” – said the President of group of companies “grain holding” Alexey Demanov.

What are the economic characteristics of the business environment in Russia? “The majority of respondents (70%) believe that Russia’s high level of corruption”, – said the managing partner of PwC Russia Igor Lotakov. 60% of respondents noted the high level of economic crime. Thus both increased over the past six years has not changed, according to the survey participants. “Corruption in Russia now is the same as six years ago,” confirms this point. Any changes – particularly in the areas of management, education and healthcare business in the future do not expect. About 60% believe that reform of these industries in the next six years will not.

“As a country Russia often resembles the pit was dug. We invest a lot of money, escaping the pit, trying to lay the Foundation, but then throw this project because there is something wrong with him, and start to implement new. Incompleteness, inconsistency of reforms – one of our problems,” – says the partner of the company “Vardanyan, Broitman and partners” Ruben Vardanyan.

Indirectly, sanctions have affected everyone, “what are the sanctions? You can’t sell your business to foreigners, you can’t IPO, you can’t get cheap money. The cost of money for us just became more expensive,” says Vardanyan. “Rose money” is not only for businessmen but also for consumers. According to company President Finn Flare Xenia Rasovoi, the purchasing power fell twice: “Growing the dollar – the growing cost of clothing, and the salary of the people as were in rubles, and left.”

Can we expect a quick lifting of sanctions? Vladimir Potanin convinced that there is. “Sanctions are a long time,” emphasizes the businessman. However, there is the situation and its advantages, says the billionaire. “Under pressure you either crumble or become more efficient,” he concludes.

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