The rules of business Jack MA “We are born not to work, and enjoy life”

Forbes remembered the most vivid statements of the Chinese God of money, who changed the world market the Internet-trade, now preparing to retire and completely devote himself to philanthropy.

Everything is difficult today, tomorrow will be even harder, and the next day everything will be fine. But most of us will die tomorrow night.

In Russia, people talk so much about the problems. I believe that now is the time to think about the future. And as an entrepreneur I always look to the future with optimism.

Business is like a wedding. “Okay, you’re okay, let’s get married” – so it’s just not working. Before you marry, you must first meet some time and get to know each other, so we need good experience of “courtship”.

We’re not looking for the founders and team. We believe that it is important that the team believed in what she was doing. For example, many years ago in the Chinese market, we have started the competition with eBay. We as a team loved our market and believe that we can improve it in the future 10-20 years. Moreover, we had nowhere to retreat: unlike eBay, we had only the Chinese market – and we won.

When we find partners in which we invest, we can help, but not prevent them to succeed. This distinguishes our model of globalization from the American. Americans want to be major shareholders. We are looking for partners that are investing and believe they should be number one in the company, not us.

People don’t understand where we are going, because they think we company. We consider ourselves not a company, and organization which in the future will change global trade. Our primary goal is to simplify the work of small companies. We are building a platform that will give them what we hope they need – financial instruments, logistic service, data collection, cross-border trade. So we see ourselves in the next 10 years.

In the next ten years, to which we must prepare now, we will focus on the two H: health (“health”) and happiness (“happiness”). The former implies that we will invest in health care. And in the case of happiness we are talking about cinemas, theatres and other entertainment and communication media for young people. People get lost, saying that Alibaba is everywhere, but we have a focus on small business and two H.

Every mistake is purchasing. For example, six years ago we decided to invest in the first place – in the cloud or mobile technologies. We decided that we need to start with the “cloud”. Two years later started mobile boom, and we had to catch up. We can call that decision a mistake, a strategic choice that we made at that moment. But we woke up and quickly changed strategy. Now we are the largest company in the world in the segment of mobile online trading

I have not been paid for nearly 12 years. So I don’t know how to spend money. When I need to buy something, I often give someone money and ask to buy. In General, look, I don’t even have watches and rings. I don’t wear a watch for nearly 30 years: now just don’t understand why they are needed, because to know the time I can on the smartphone.

I learned a few important things. First, don’t give up. Secondly, you need to think about what your chance may have just not arrived. In my youth, I learned about bill gates and thought about what bill had done what could I do. I was upset because I thought that he took my success and used every opportunity that was at that time in the field of software for personal computers. Then I thought, “Maybe I swung too high and I better try to start small and to do something for those people who surround me?”

Ask the person who is not successful, why he has not achieved. If he’s going to blame it on someone else, he has no chance. So say the losers. Those who have chances, say otherwise. They recognize that something was wrong and something did. I studied these people, people who make mistakes, but don’t blame someone else, and learn from them. And I have learned a lot from their own mistakes. This is my life principle. When something does not work, I say, “Well, that did not happen.” If I achieve something, then rather say: “wow, I didn’t expect to be able to do it.” It seems to me, and made me a great optimist.

In every century there is one main company. In the last century, in my opinion, was Microsoft. But who will be the company of the XXI century? We do not believe that it is Alibaba. We think that needs to earn money and help people around the world. The only way we have the opportunity to change something in the twenty-first century. Today we’re a large company, but that compared to what we had in the past. And if we compare ourselves with what we can become in the future, we are still very small. We want to Alibaba was the company century. We want to make Alibaba stimulated the development of small and medium businesses worldwide. We want young people it was easier to develop. We want to increase the number of workplaces online for women. We want to do and much of this is already do in China, Southeast Asia, India, USA and Canada.

Don’t worry about the future and don’t be afraid of technology. In my opinion, the future will give opportunities to everyone, especially young people. There is nothing to lose, right? Same thing I said to myself 18 years ago when we had no money, no technology. We believe that in 10-20 years e-Commerce will be a huge important area of the economy, so if we now start to do this, we will have a chance. Thus while many smart and experienced people and wary of e-trade, but we believe that we will achieve success.

The employee must be smarter than the head. Your employee must have skills better than you. If he knows less then you hired the wrong person

I always tell myself that we are born not to work, and enjoy life. We are here to make the world better for each other. If you spend your entire life at work, of course, regret it. If your goal is money, you have to change your thinking.

If you are going in the right direction, the money will find you. That’s how it works. Those who say, “If only I had the money, I would do it”, I always answer: “you will never Have money. If you really want to do something, do it without money. If you succeed, the money will come to you

After 30 years on the cover of Time as the Director General of the year may be a robot. He remembers better and thinks faster, and doesn’t fight with competitors.

If Jack MA can be successful, then 80% of people can achieve the same success. I had no financial education. I didn’t have a rich father or any relations with government officials.

When I started business, I said to his men: “Fall in love with the government but don’t marry him, respect him”. Many people say that the government will introduce censorship, restrict Internet and so on. I think our opportunity and duty to tell them how it can help the Internet.”

I looked at a friend’s house the movie “Forrest Gump.” I told him: “We should learn from this guy!” Believe in what you do, love. Keep it simple – people like it or not.

If we don’t move quickly, we’re going to have problems. If we see that something is coming, we must prepare now. It is necessary to repair the roof while it’s still functioning.

I think that in the next 30 years, people will only work 4 hours a day maybe 4 days a week. My grandfather worked 16 hours a day on the farm and thought that he was very busy. Now we work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and I think that we are very busy.

I hope 15 years later people forget about e-Commerce, because they will think it as electricity. No one thinks it’s high tech.

The first industrial revolution led to the First world war the second led to the Second, now we’re in the middle third, what will happen? I hope it will be a war against poverty, disease and so on.

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