Sellers hull earned on buyers credit auto

According to the NRA, the banking channel of sales, and the truth is now leading the market: almost half of the premiums received in the first half through intermediaries, accounted for the credit institution. In addition, there was a revival in demand for insurance used cars involve in the Agency. This is evidenced by the decline of average premiums in this segment to 34 790 rubles, while the growth in the number of contracts.

The number of policies hull increases with the growth of auto loans, says the head of the Society for the protection of the rights of consumers in sphere of insurance Igor the gunner. According to the National Bureau of credit histories (NBCH), the number of new loans in 2017 increased in comparison with the previous year by 29%. In the first three months of this year, the increase was 28% in annual terms.

“Most of the insurance premiums it receives through the issuance of Bank loans and mainly due to the requirement of Bank to insure the car because it is in the pledge,” – said Igor Pushkar.

“Insurance companies are expanding the range of insurance products that offer different sets of risks. As a result, hull is cheaper, and is becoming increasingly available to a wide range of motorists,” – said Tatiana Nikitina.

CTP is not in favor

Strikingly different dynamics showed the CTP segment. Volume of premiums in this market has fallen for six months almost 2 billion rubles, amounting to 107,3 billion rubles, and the number of contracts decreased by more than a million.

According to experts of the NRA, this is due to the fact that citizens break the contract or not enter into them, wanting to save money. For some citizens to a penalty for lack of compulsory insurance cheaper than to buy insurance.

“A fine of 800 rubles, and the cost of the policy in any case above. More and more car owners prefer not to enter into contracts of insurance as per the list of expenses are the motorist must sustain, with rising gasoline prices, for example, CTP is at the bottom,” explains Igor Pushkar.

Also the CTP segment has significantly reduced the amount of payments of almost 37 billion rubles compared with the first half of last year, when the figure amounted to 66.5 billion rubles.

According to Tatiana Nikitina, this is connected, primarily, with the introduction in April 2017 of natural forms of compensation that allows the company in case the insured event to provide the victim with car repairs, and not cash payments.

“Cash payments are calculated taking into account depreciation of the vehicle, and genuine payment without taking into account what is more profitable to insurers,” – says the expert.

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