Young Russians perceive more positively crypto-currencies

The answers of only those who confirmed that they know exactly what the value of the crypto currency is. “6% of Russians consider transactions with a crypto currency as a type of gambling, 17% and at all believe that this is a tool for enriching fraudsters… It turned out that it is least associated with unfair enrichment for the youngest group of respondents – 9%, most of all for those who are older 60 – 42%, “the study says.

The older the Russians, the more skeptical they are of crypto-currencies, associating them with dishonest enrichment, and the vast majority of bitcoins are synonymous with crypto-currency, the study of the holding company “Romir”, which is available to RIA Novosti, says.

Another 36% of respondents consider crypto currency to be an alternative means of calculation, and 38% of respondents named them full electronic money.

What are the crypto-currencies

According to the research, the most famous crypto currency in Russians is Bitcoin – it is known by 68% of respondents. Crypto currency “Ethereum” took the second place – only 4% of respondents. Another 3% of respondents indicated Litecoin, as many people named Buzcoin. About 2% of Russians heard about Altcoin and Ripple. Other types of digital money on recognition gained no more than 1% or even less.”Among the respondents who said they understand what a crypto-currency is, 29% of respondents found it difficult to name even one of its types, not even remembering the most popular one.” It seems that Bitcoin is widely regarded as a synonym for the word “crypto-currency” are given in the message of the head of the practice of Ad-hoc research holding “Romir” Valery Raevsky

The Future of Crypto-Currency

About 15% of Russians believe that the crypto currency has a future. Another 13% of respondents are of the opposite opinion.”The greatest destiny of electronic money comes from the youngest group of respondents (under 25) – 26% are sure that digital money has a future, but the majority of respondents still showed cautious optimism or mild pessimism. % of respondents, the option “rather have a future” – 42%, “- follows from the document.

The opinion of Russians about the need for state regulation of crypto-currencies was divided almost equally. Only 12% of respondents believe that government intervention in this sphere is absolutely necessary, another 20% are sure of the opposite. 37% said that state regulation in this sphere is “more necessary”, and 31% of the respondents chose “rather not necessary”.

The legal status of the Crypto-currency, ICO, mining and croweding is not yet defined in Russia. In March, the State Duma introduced three bills designed to fill this gap and, on the whole, create regulation in the field of the digital economy. All of them have already passed the first reading. In particular, one of the draft laws defines “digital financial assets”, relating to them a crypto currency and a token. It is directly established that such assets are not a legal means of payment in the territory of Russia.

The Bank of Russia has repeatedly stated that it does not consider it permissible to exchange crypto-currency for rubles, currency or other property, since even with the identification of the ultimate owner, the possibility of legalizing questionable transactions will open. At the same time, the regulator considers it permissible to allow such an exchange for tokens issued within the framework of Russian ICOs and which do not have a payment function.

The survey involved 1,500 people aged 18 and over living in all types of settlements in all federal districts.

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