Russia will block accounts of hundreds of Ukrainians

Yesterday, 22 October, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on special economic measures against Ukraine. Sanctions are imposed in response to the unfriendly and contrary to international law, Ukraine’s actions related to the introduction of restrictive measures in relation to citizens and legal entities of Russia.

Medvedev stressed that the new sanctions will affect “a lot of famous people” in Ukraine. But they will not apply to Ukrainians generally. “This is totally unacceptable. We, on the contrary, filled with the most friendly feelings to the Ukrainian people,” – said the Russian Prime Minister. And explained that in the sanctions list will get some Ukrainian citizens that harm Russian Federation. “If we talk about individuals, then in all likelihood, it will be hundreds of people who by their actions have caused harm to the interests of our country. There are business people, and other people,” – said Medvedev.

According to him, under the restrictive measures will apply also to companies registered under the laws of Ukraine, which are somehow controlled by the citizens against whom sanctions will be imposed.

Medvedev said that already prepared several versions of the government resolutions on introduction of sanctions against Ukraine. A decision on the imposition of these sanctions he has promised to sign soon.

Putin signed a decree instructed the government headed by Medvedev, to draw up lists of individuals and legal entities in respect of which are special economic measures. And define the special economic measures for impacts on these entities. the decree of the President of Russia emphasized that sanctions against Ukraine will cancel in case of cancellation of the restrictive measures imposed by Ukraine against Russian citizens and companies.

Ukraine has imposed sanctions against Moscow in connection with a sharp aggravation of relations between the two countries after the change of power in Kiev in February 2014 and the subsequent accession of Crimea to Russia and the emergence of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics.

The last time Ukraine has imposed sanctions in September 2018, when restrictions were three Russian companies: “Russian Railways logistics”, “Promkomplekt” and “Gasometer”. Before that, in August, Kiev has sanctioned 9 22 legal and physical persons from Russia in the construction of Crimean bridge.

Just in the sanctions list, compiled by the national security Council and defense of Ukraine and published on the website of the Ukrainian President, consists of the 1759 Russian citizens and 786 individuals from Russia,

Russia responds to Ukraine the introduction of restrictive counter-measures.

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