Showed the punctures – got a profit

With the spread of social networks and the immense popularity of Instagram, photographers, designers and artists have an excellent opportunity to express themselves to the world and demonstrate their work.

However, only a few were able to extract substantial profits from this. In the new project, the bank “Tochka” shares the secret of entrepreneurs’ success with online business. The owner of the piercing center Piersib Evgeniy Dyakov told about how to become a superpopular master of tattoos and piercings, about the nationwide love and honesty in social networks.

– How did you come up with the idea of ​​doing piercings? How did the business start?

– I was a waiter, a nurse, in charge of an outpatient clinic, I organized concerts and I did a lot more than that, but in parallel I always did piercing. While I was studying, I lived in a hostel, where word of mouth made me an advertisement. The doors of my room did not close from those wishing to pierce something. You can say that these visitors forced me to open my own studio – it was necessary to organize a place where it would be convenient for all comers to come to do piercing. It happened in 2006, and today I have one of the largest tattoo studios and piercing in the city.

– The appearance of accounts in social networks was a deliberate advertising move?

– No, when I started the pages, I did not think about any special promotion and use of social networks as a platform for business. I started pages, just to show off and show people that I can. I did not even have any development strategy and attracted an audience in the social network. Everything happened by itself, people came, clients shared their experience and made me an advertisement. Today we are just sharing news, talking about promotions and other things, but we are not making any special progress.

–  Do you have any rules or, conversely, prohibitions, what do not you do in social networks?

– I believe that in any case you need to treat people with respect. This is our main rule. Our clients are our friends. We never even call anyone on you, and it’s not familiarity. We simply want to let the person know that he is in our salon. In our work, trust is very important, because people trust us with their bodies.

– Imagine that tomorrow social networks will be banned or completely disappear. What then will happen to your business?

“Somehow it will, of course, be reflected, but we will not be closed.” All sotsseti at once hardly forbid, they on different platforms even. And if one social network does not become, then in all others we will stay. Here, as with the currency – it is important to diversify. We have a website, there are personal pages, which in fact are a continuation of the accounts of the studios, we are laying out our work on them, sharing news. Well, our clients will not leave us.

– Does your own business make you work without breaks and days off or do you manage to find time for your personal life?

– I used to work 24/7, and there was almost no time left for myself, but then I realized that I would not last long at such a rhythm. I took up the question, read literature and worked out a convenient schedule for myself. Today I have enough strength and time for everything: for work, for family, and for friends. We already have a certain reputation, we are one of the oldest salons in the city, so customers are ready to wait for the recording. And if I took everyone on a live turn, I would not have to sleep or eat, just work.

– Every business has its own rhythm of life. Your partners, for example a bank , adjust to you or have to leave the comfort zone?

– I was lucky with the bank. In “Point” is a  very convenient application (16+), I can scan all the payments, and this makes life much easier. Employees of the bank are always ready to help, answer quickly day and night, help with paperwork and taxes. I’m very happy that I can save money, although I’m not very good friends with accounting.

– Is there anything else you would like to receive from the bank?

– It would be great to get borrowed funds for business development on favorable terms. Although I do not think about the expansion, rather, about optimization.

For those who, like Eugene, prefer to devote time to their favorite business, rather than accounting issues, the bank “Tochka” is always ready to help. Specialists of the bank advise start-ups when registering IP or LLC and at any time answer any question about taxes or accounting statements. Bank for entrepreneurs “Tochka” – a multi-bank platform that operates without offices and serves 200,000 customers. All services are provided online, and the bank’s representative is seen only once – at the time of opening an account.

“Point” is a mobile and Internet bank, the best for business, according to the analytical agency MarksWebb, during the last three years; round-the-clock, able to solve any financial issues online office; convenient FEA directly in the mobile application; acquiring; The longest operational day in Russia: from 01.00 to 20.00 Moscow time. And for new customers, the bank offers a lot of benefits for business bonuses from partners: a free federal number from Megafon, discounts from software developers and even money for promotion on the Internet.

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