The results of cryptomeria, 2018

In response to this, the Chinese authorities throughout the year actively blocked domestic access to local and overseas platforms, providing centralized cryptocurrency trading. Most likely, in 2019 China will continue to pursue a restrictive policy in cryptosphere, targeting individuals and companies that provide services for the creation of the market, settlements and clearing.

The 2018 year is not specified from: in the beginning of January is known aggregator Сoinmarketcap.com eliminated from its analysts trading volumes of a number of exchanges in South Korea , in particular, Bithumb – at that time the second largest crypto currency exchange in the world.

In February 2018, the Chinese government has banned local investors to make cryptocurrency transactions on stock exchanges anywhere in the world that has deprived of participants of the stock market the ability to legally buy the cryptocurrency through exchanges of Shanghai or Singapore.

China continued to struggle with walking cryptocurrency on its territory throughout the year. Despite the fact that the exchange of Fiat currency to crypto currencies and withdrawal back was outlawed in 2017 winter 2018 Beijing was forced to admit activity to alternative sites outside the country is increasing.

The conservative position of the American regulator SEC

Representatives of the SEC (securities and exchange Commission USA) in March, expressed concern that many online platforms to trade digital currencies mistakenly perceived by investors as officially registered and regulated. Such sites call themselves “exchanges” that can create the impression that they comply with national exchange standards.

In the end, the SEC has formulated requirements to sells tokens to cryptomeria: they must complete their registration in the Commission as national securities exchanges. It is automatically protected investors in digital assets with securities laws and SEC oversight.

Although some of cryptoplugin argued that the use of strict standards for the selection of only high-quality digital assets for trading, the SEC made it clear that they cannot be equated to securities, and also issued a communiqué that does not check the trading protocols used by cryptopleurum. Thus, the Commission has taken responsibility for the correctness of their work.

The ban on advertising of crypto-currencies in social networks

In March 2018, Google has banned the advertisement of ICO, cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocell and recommendation of the content by trading cryptocurrency. The Internet giant did not explain the reasons for the ban, however this occurred simultaneously with the strengthening of the struggle of the American controllers with the ICO, integrity of the organizers which often causes US authorities doubt.

Example Google immediately followed by Twitter, which then prohibited any advertising associated with cryptoidentity (all types of advertising on the sale of tokens of the initial offerings of coins, crypto-currency wallets and exchangers). This, as well as a negative background in the media led to reduced capitalization of the stock market.

The largest social network Facebook has also banned advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO, but in June reduced the ban. Promo to raise funds for the tokens remained impossible, but is related to the cryptocurrency could be placed after consideration by the employees of the company. In may, Facebook even got a division for the study of the blockchain that sparked rumors about the upcoming appearance at the social network’s own cryptocurrency, which, however, is not yet confirmed.

The end of ICO problems for broadcast

Catastrophic disappointment of market participants in the ICO resulted in a reduction in the cost of the basic full-fledged cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and Ethereum. Especially negatively this has affected the last. The fate of the project Vitaly Buterin under threat: if the developers will not solve the difficulty of scalability, speed of execution and transaction security, smart contracts, cryptologist will move to other tokens. For example, owners of smart contracts will be able to pay the fee in tokens ERC-20, but not in ether. A further reduction in demand risk that Ethereum may lose its value as coin.

Doubt in the future Ethereum has led to massive sales ETH projects at the ICO (ether – the main digital currency for which cryptomeria give their tokens). According to the report Trustnodes published in September 2018, only for the first 10 days of this month the ICO projects sold 160 000 ETH. During September, the project ICO got rid of almost 300 000 coins (the equivalent of about $90 million).

Last year, the Ethereum community was at a crossroads, which way to choose to increase the value of the coin, to promote the use of the Protocol Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, either to raise the demand for broadcast as a means to pay for anything.

The end of the year

1. In relation to fixed over a year ago (17 December 2017) absolute maximum ($19 961 according to Coinmarketcap) course is the core of bitcoin has dipped to 1 January 2019 81% to $3738. The Cash Bitcoin and Ethereum slipped relative to their historic highs, much stronger – by up to 98% and 94%, respectively.

2. Even those who were very much involved in the ICO in 2017-2018, I realized that it is necessary to sell their remaining in the hands of the coins and to withdraw from the market. Greatly contributed to this trend, the initiation of a large number of investigations by the SEC and the intelligence agencies of different countries about fraud in the ICO. The results of these studies will be available to the market in the spring of 2019.

3. Search applications of the blockchain. Many fall forums and conferences quite clearly showed the growing influence of technologies in the application areas, from use in transportation and processing of tires to enter the smart-contracts between rights holders and users of content. Even the Russian Court for intellectual property rights (SIP) has posted on the blockchain network IPChain (National coordinating centre for transaction processing rights and intellectual property) information on change in the composition of the holders of several trade marks and became the first in the country’s judicial system who carried out such “a landmark for digital market of intellectual property and the digital economy” practice.

Perhaps 2019 will be the year of the emergence of alternatives to existing models of attracting funds in the form of ICO, but success is likely to wait for those projects that demonstrate a real application of their products. In this regard, the importance of public sales of tokens is likely to leave in the past.

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