The rules of business Jeff Bezos

Forbes remembered the most striking statements of the richest man on the planet.

There is another reason Bezos became the richest man in the world: he hardly donates to charity and is the only one of the top ten Forbes has not joined the Giving Pledge (“the giving pledge”). The billionaire has repeatedly been criticized for it and in the end not so long ago established a charity Fund for $2 billion, proceeds of which will be spent on assistance to homeless families and opening of preschool educational institutions in poor areas.

However, avarice Bezos is opravdanie: every year it sells shares of Amazon for $1 billion, and puts them in his space company, Blue Origin. A passion for space also goes back to childhood: Bezos was a fan of the TV series “Star trek” and all films in the series.

We always have to fit in the future. When the world changes around you, and when he turns against you when the wind starts to blow in the face, you should use this to figure out what to do. Because the complaint is not a strategy.

If you do something interesting in this world, you will have critics. If you absolutely can not stand criticism, just don’t do anything new or interesting.

You should always choose goals that you can say: “If we succeed, it will be Grand”.

Whatever new business we came from, at first people from outside – and sometimes ourselves – it seems that we go to the side. We say: “Why do you go beyond the book trade? Why open offices abroad? Why provide a platform for trade to other sellers?”… Fair questions. They need to ask. But for each such question is one: Mature companies are very difficult to master a new area. The fact that even if new projects will be a huge success, the Economics still will feel it. I discovered one rule of thumb (don’t know why it is, but it sounds right): planted in the ground seed, you need to wait five to seven years; only after this time your efforts will significantly affect the economy of the company.

You need to base your strategy on something “eternal”. People unrelated to our company, people often ask me: “What, in your opinion, will change in the next five to ten years?” And very rarely I ask the question: “what will not change in the next five to ten years?” We at Amazon always try to understand it, because it is on this and need to build the strategy. Then the energy you invest today in the promotion of the flywheel, and ten years from now will bring you dividends. You should not focus on short-term – who are your competitors, what are their products, what are the technologies and so on. It’s all changing so fast that you will have that pace to revise its strategy.

The most important our decisions sometimes led to tactical loss in the short term. From the very beginning (let’s go back to 1995) we began to publish on the website the customer reviews about books, including negative, not very friendly to publishers. They showered me with letters: “Why did you publish it on the website? Is it not possible to only leave positive reviews?” And one publisher got really angry, began to teach me wisdom: “Maybe you don’t understand than you earn? You make money when they sell goods.” But, I then thought, “No, we make money not when you sell a product, and when help visitors decide to buy

We managed not just to turn Amazon into a “company to customer” but also set a new standard of business-oriented customers. After world war II, Morita-San (Akio Morita, cofounder of Sony, and for a long time, her head – Forbes) set a goal for Sony. He wanted the word Sony became synonymous with high quality, but in the future he wanted Japan to become synonymous with high quality. Like the maximum program inspires. I want through many years of talking about us: “they made the entire world of business revolves around the consumer”. If possible, would be very cool.

It’s important to the company for a certain period were carried out more experiments. What happens in the end is unknown, and if so, then it would be good to figure out how to conduct more experiments in order to get something really worthwhile.

It is not always possible to try the water, standing on the shore. Sometimes you have to jump into it headlong. You say: “This project will cost a lot of money – and, therefore, we should rest against, but to win.” You admit that there is still much change ahead of the steep turns, but with the heat taken for the solution of the problem. And, by the way, very nice to see that our employees are ready to jump without looking. That is, we consider so important to get involved in a fight, but we’ll see.

We are constantly improving things. And if entrepreneurs and inventors follow their curiosity and their passion, they have something to open and know how to do something. And they are never fully satisfied. You need to use it. You need to direct this energy on your customers, not your competitors. I sometimes see companies, even small startups or new entrepreneurs – they pay more attention to what their competitors do than on what their customers want.

When you have loving and supportive people, as Mackenzie (wife of Bezos – Forbes), my parents, my grandpa, my grandma, you can take risks. Because someone will support you. Not only materially, but also morally.

I chose books because of the titles here much more than in any other category. You can make a universal sample. In 1994, when I thought of this idea in print was three million books. The biggest physical store could only have up to 150 000 different names. And so you could make an online store with a universal sample. Every book, ever printed, even those that will not print, creating a unique offer of the company.

Your answer should be doubly klientoorientirovannoj. Satisfy them. Not just satisfy them – you delight them.

Customersthis is one reason why we were able to move into a new business or offer new categories of products. Initially, we sold only books, you can sell music, DVDs, electronics, toys and so on, and then be able to enter into the e-reader Kindle. The reason why clients were well received by most of our initiatives that we worked hard to earn their trust.

Customers are very smart. You should never underestimate them.

The solar system can easily support a trillion people, we will have one thousand one thousand Einsteins and the Mozarts resources to succeed in all our endeavours and solar energy in a volume that will not limit our endeavors. This is the world in which I want to live the great-grandchildren of my great-grandchildren. By the way, I believe that in these terms, we derive all the heavy industry from the Earth, and the Earth will be a planet for life and light industry. We already send robots to all the planets, and believe me, this is the best of them.

I’m trying to teach young employees and senior executives of the harmony of work and life. But especially those who are just coming into the company. I am constantly asked about balancing work and personal life. My understanding is the flawed phrase, because it implies the hard exchange. But in reality, if I’m happy at home, I get to work with great energy. And if I’m happy at home, I get to work with great energy. It’s a circle, it does not balance. And I think everyone should pay attention to it. You don’t want to be that guy – and we all work with a man – who as soon as included to the meeting, sucking the energy out of the room. You can feel the power evaporates. You don’t want to be that guy. You want to come to the office and give everyone a boost of energy.

If you organize things correctly, people don’t need to be in one building or one city or even in the same time zoneas you have a good map of decision-making.

I rarely addictive in the present day. I’m working on things that will work in two or three years, and the majority of our top management does the same thing. Friends congratulate me for the good results of the quarter. I tell them, “Thanks, but these results were prepared three years ago.” Now I’m working on a quarter, which will be in 2021.

If I take three good decisions in a day, that’s enough. Warren Buffett says he’s good, if it takes three good decisions in a year.

“It (to sleep 8 hours a day – Forbes) is my priority… I think better. I have more energy. I have a better mood. As a senior Executive you get paid for a small number of high-quality solutions. Whether the fact that the quality of your solutions will be lower due to the fact that you’re tired or in a bad mood?

I go and stand before. I love to be lazy in the morning. For example, I like to read a newspaper. I like to drink coffee. I like to have Breakfast with the kids before they go to school. I set meetings with high-IQ, before lunch. All that will require good thinking to attend a meeting at 10 am. And by 5 PM I said, “I can’t think about it today. Let’s think about it tomorrow at 10 in the morning.”

If you can make a decision based on the analysis, will do so. But it turns out that the most important decisions are made based on instincts and intuition.

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