Trump refused to sanction for “Northern stream-2”

The Polish President also assured that the deployment on Polish territory a permanent U.S. military base, what Warsaw is asking Washington will not lead to the deterioration of security in the region. “The United States is the only guarantee of security and defence, and today is absolutely justified,” said Duda. And reminded about the militarization of the Kaliningrad region, the aggressive behavior of Russia, including in Georgia in 2008, and “progressive invasion” of Moscow in Ukraine and in the Crimea.

“Unfortunately, we have to be clear and say that, as with the German side and the Russian side, construction has already begun, although there are still some formalities connected with the laying of pipes on the bottom of the Baltic sea” – said Duda. He called investments in this project a threat to the energy security of Europe and Poland. “There is the threat of Russian energy dominance, particularly when Russia mentions that plans to build more pipelines “Nord stream-3 and Nord stream-4”, – noted the President of Poland.

He said that Warsaw is making every effort to protect themselves from a possible interruption of supplies from Russia and the political blackmail of Moscow. That is why, said Duda, Poland decided to build a terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States.

President trump have left these statements Duda ignored. “I think Russia acted aggressively. The Russians respect strength like no other”, – said the head of the White house. He recalled that the United States recently strengthened its armed forces, stressing that the U.S. Congress has allocated to the Pentagon $716 billion, which was much more than what is expected in the American Ministry of defense.

These investments are important not only from a military point of view, but also because they create hundreds of thousands of jobs, make US the best military country in the world. “And Russia respects that. They respect that,” said trump.

Sanctions on the scales

Their statements about possible sanctions against the participants of the project “Northern stream-2” trump has done a few days after this occasion, spoke the Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry. Immediately after their negotiations in Moscow with the head of the energy Ministry of Russia Alexander Novak, first Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov and the Director of Rosatom Alexey Likhachev Perry said in an interview published on 17 September in the newspaper “Kommersant” that the decision about introduction of new sanctions against the Russian energy sector and participants of the project “Northern stream-2” is pending. “But the probability of new sanctions is,” said Perry.

He recalled that the United States has repeatedly criticized Russia’s actions and consider it an unacceptable invasion of the Ukraine. “We are concerned about the issue of transit. Russia clearly intends to punish Ukraine,” – said the American Minister about the new project “North stream-2”. He stressed that the US is going to attract Russia to account for it.

Earlier, the head of the White house has criticized Germany for its commitment to the “Nord stream-2”. “Germany pays billions of dollars a year in Russia, and we protect this country from Russia. They build the pipeline, which aims to pay billions of dollars to the Treasury of Russia. I think this is totally unacceptable. Plus the former Chancellor of Germany working in the Russian gas company,” said trump in July during a visit to Brussels.

The President noted that Germany pays in NATO just over 1%, and called such a situation is unfair. Despite podobnu the rhetoric of the White house Berlin continues to support the project.

The project “Northern stream – 2” (Nord Stream 2) involves the construction by 2019, the two threads of the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany under the Baltic sea. The length of the pipeline, which should pave next to the already existing “Northern stream” will be 1220 km. Its cost is estimated at €9.5 billion, the Planned lifetime of the pipeline is 50 years.

The new project aims to expand the capabilities of the existing gas pipeline Nord stream bypassing transit countries, including Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. The capacity of the “Nord stream – 2” is 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Given the gas pipeline Nord stream (commissioned in October 2012) Russia will be able to export to Germany to 110 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

The cost of pumping gas via a new route will be 1.6 times lower costs, that “Gazprom” carries in transit through the territory of Ukraine.

Ukraine strongly opposed the “Nord stream – 2” fear the cessation of transit of Russian gas to Europe through its territory. Commercial Director of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko estimated the economic losses of Ukraine from the start of the project “Northern stream – 2” in the 3% of GDP or $3 billion.

In 2017, Russia’s gas exports to the EU grew by 8.4% and reached 194,4 billion cubic meters (Gazprom’s share on the EU market increased during the year from 33.1% to 34.7%). After the commissioning of the “Nord stream – 2” Russia can supply Europe with 110 billion cubic meters of gas annually based on the current 2012 of the pipeline “Nord stream”, also bypassing Ukraine. Currently, the volume of Russian gas transit through the territory of Ukraine is 94 billion cubic meters.

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