Business plan for car wash without water

1. A brief investment memorandum

All without exception, modern car owners have one common problem: the constant lack of time to wash their own four-wheeled companion. Dirty car has long been a topic of jokes and people’s perceptions (you wash the car – the rain will go). And in fact it is valid: it is necessary only to drop in on the car wash that has flown along the way and to save the car from age-old dirt, as a sunny day turns into gloomy and slushy. And this means – it’s time to wash the car again!

Russian drivers were less fortunate in this respect than European ones: the frankly decadent state of most of the Russian routes is combined with a harsh climate (with wintry icy conditions and summer mudslides). And that’s why the Russian car owner has only two ways: to go on chronically dirty transport or almost every day to visit car washes.
Is it possible to wash and polish the car without water? Yes it is possible!

Dry cleaning is a new safe way to care for a car, with which you can not only clean the car but also polish your car. Car wash without using water – the technology of the future, available today!

Project Objectives:

  • Car wash services in any place of the city;
  • Creation of new jobs;
  • The receipt of taxes in the budget of the Russian Federation;

Total cost of the project: 400 000 rub.

2. Description of business, product or service

«Car wash without water» is a new method of washing and polishing your car without water in less than 15 minutes. No buckets and hoses. No rinsing and drying. Just spray on the surface and wipe dry. A unique formula dissolves dirt and raids, as well as tree sap and traces of insects; Special lubricants form a «capsule» around each dirt particle, so that the dirt can simply be wiped off the delicate surface of the car without damaging the paintwork. In addition, the agent forms a powerful protective film on the surface that gives shine and makes the paint brighter, and the surface is smooth, which no other means can do.

The firm provides the following services:

  • Washing is a special tool.
  • Final flushing.
  • Hard waxing.
  • Departure to any place in the city.
  • Car interior cleaning.

Technology features

Dry car wash, is the newest unique technology, which without the use of water allows caring for the car. This, we can safely say, is the most simple, convenient, and most importantly, an effective and safe method of car care. The main difference between dry car wash and other methods is that not a single drop of water is used during the whole process.

Channels for the promotion of the enterprise to consumers

Under the channels of product promotion enterprises are assumed:

  1. sale by accepting applications on the means of the Internet network;
  2. acceptance of applications in the office, by phone;

In general, our marketing policy will be aimed at attracting new customers, implementing a sales plan, emphasizing the individuality of our products, creating the benefits of cooperation with our company.

In order to increase the rate of sales, we will provide discounts to our customers in the amount of 5 to 10%. In the spring-summer period for all regular customers and for large consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages of services

Advantage over competitors Disadvantages compared to competitors Measures to overcome the shortcomings
Exclusivity Unknowing company Effective advertising
Low prices Insufficient professionalism Training
Quality equipment and materials Less equipment Equipment Costs

3. Description of the market

Market research

The external environment is the source that feeds the organization with the resources necessary to maintain its internal capacity at the proper level. The organization is in a state of constant exchange with the external environment, thereby providing itself with the possibility of survival. Therefore, the task of strategic management is to ensure such an interaction of the organization with the environment that would enable it to survive in the long term. Tracking the external environment includes collecting information about social, cultural, demographic, economic, political, state and technological trends. For this purpose, the company’s employees can use both their own observations and other information resources, such as magazines, periodicals and newspapers.

Already now it can be argued that dry car wash is a real revolution in car care. If you are the owner of a car, then you are probably wondering what is the newest method of professional, careful care – the so-called mobile dry sink.

Convenience number 1: you can order the service by phone. The dispatcher will take your order, specify the car number and the place where it will be parked (whether it’s parking the nearest hypermarket to your house, parking near your house or office or just an unfamiliar yard). In the very near future a washer will leave for the place, which in half an hour will bring the car in full order.
Convenience number 2: dry cleaning is acceptable in almost any public place, since it does not require water and soap (ie does not leave traces).
Convenience number 3:A car wash without water takes place with the help of special microfiber napkins and chemistry, which contains particles of dirt in the shell. Wiper napkins without a trace remove microcapsules of dirt, along the way polishing the surface of the body and eliminating the smallest scratches and cracks on the paintwork. Thus, the machine becomes not only clean, but also acquires an invisible protective layer: from dirt, splashes and water divorce.

Really careful care for the paint and varnish coating of cars can not boast of all washing. So, for example, if the direction of the intense water jet is incorrectly selected in the contact sink, the dirt is not removed from the surface of the body, but «imprinted» in its paint layer, scratching and damaging it time after time. The same effect can be achieved if the washing with an ordinary car sponge is too intense: therefore, car must be treated with all seriousness and professionalism in order not to harm.

If you compare different methods of washing cars (dry, traditional and non-contact), it becomes obvious: dry car washing is the most efficient and fast. You no longer have to be disappointed with the quality of contactless washing, stand idle in line with traditional washing machines or wash your own car with your own hands. In addition, you will not need to spend more time and gasoline on trips to remote services: a dry car wash takes place where it is convenient for you (and, of course, at a convenient time for you) ..

Direct impact factors

Main office

  • Legislation of Russia

The Government’s policy today contributes to the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Various programs have been developed to support individual entrepreneurs: preferential loans, ease of registration and the lack of the need to obtain a production license for the intended product.

  • Consumers (more details)

According to the marketing research potential and potential consumers are interested in purchasing and are ready to consume the company’s products for the maximum (stated in the questionnaire) price per unit of goods.

  • Competitors

In the Russian production market, this technology is in development, so at the initial stage of serious competition is not expected.

Indirect impact factors

  • Economic condition

The global and Russian crisis creates an extremely unfavorable environment for the creation and development of small and medium-sized businesses. Because of the crisis, there may be instability in making profits because of not always controlled income of the population, and also because of the progressive nature of the socioeconomic stratification.

  • The political environment

The Government of the Russian Federation pursues a policy of encouraging programs and projects to educate the public.

  • Scientific and technical environment

Thanks to scientific and technical achievements in polymer chemistry, it is possible to develop new production technologies, thereby expanding the range of produced goods.

4. Sales and marketing

Elements of marketing Characteristic
  • Washing is a special tool.
  • Final flushing.
  • Hard waxing.
  • Departure to any place in the city.
  • Car interior cleaning.
  • Availability of prices.
  • Cash.
Promotion Advertising on route vehicles, advertising in the newspaper and promotional brochures, on the Internet.
People (customers, competitors, personnel) Clients: citizens who want to save time and money.
Employees: Suppliers.

Advertising strategy

The main goal of the company’s advertising strategy will be the positioning of our services – a dry car wash. The emphasis in the advertising strategy will be made on cheapness, which will be extremely interesting for people who want to save time and money.
The goal of the advertising strategy is to attract the attention of the above potential customers, placing emphasis on the competitive advantages of our product, as unique in its execution.
The goal of advertising is to create an image of the service as the best, creating and consolidating a favorable image in the minds of consumers, increasing the volume of services performed.

Marketing plan of the enterprise:
The cost of advertising marketing activities will be 10 000 rubles. for a full year of operation of the enterprise. All the planned events are designed for the most effective attraction of potential and possible consumers.

Expenses for promotional events

Events Objectives Cost
The planned
Advertising in newspapers Remembering the product, recognizability, influence on the decision to purchase 5,000 Placement of advertisements in the most widely read newspapers.
Advertising on route vehicles Image, information, customer search 3,000 Ensuring recognition of 100%, impact on consumers
Internet advertising Positioning, recognition, influence on the decision to purchase 2,000 100% when placed in search engines and
Total 10,000

5. Production plan

The cost of car washing is calculated based on the following indicators:

  • The size of the car;
  • Car wash mode

The price of car washing by car fans ranges from 350-400 rubles.
Costs of organizing a car wash

No. \ n Equipment Amount
1 The car for departures 200,000
2 Transport services 3000
Total 20 3000

Cost of materials

No. п \ п Materials Price, rub.
1 Specialist. Means of deductibles + all equipment and license for IP 150,000
Total 150,000

Costs for the production of work (per month)

Monthly expenses Amount
1 salary of administrator-dispatcher 15,000
2 2 car washes 31 000
2 electric power 1,000
3 security 1 200
Total 48200

Costs for renting a room

Rent amount per month, rub. Total for the whole year of work, rubles.
10,000 120,000

The area of ​​the room is 30 square meters. m.
Costs of organizing a car wash

No. \ n Equipment Amount
1 Room for equipment and machines 10,000
2 The car for departures 200 000
3 Franchise + equipment 150,000
4 Transport services 3,000
Total 400 000

6. Organizational structure

Staffing and salary

No. Position Number of units Monthly salary, rub.
1 Administrator-dispatcher 1 15,000
2 Auto Cleaners 2 31 000

The reinforcement of the structural responsibilities of employees is as follows:
Administrator-dispatcher is the coordinator of the work of the washing complex, his duties include:

  1. Watch for the equipment;
  2. Watch for the correct operation of the equipment;
  3. Perform cashier operations;
  4. Accepts orders.

7. Financial plan

Amount of work performed (in months)

No. \ n a car count amount in months.
1 Executive class and jeeps 160 350 56,000
2 Other passenger cars 200 300 60,000
Total for the month 360 116,000

Income and expenses for the month

No. п \ п article costs incomes Total
1 Revenue from washing 116,000 116,000
2 Salary of employees 46000 -46,000
3 Payments from PO 3060 -3,060
4 Electricity 1000 -1 000
5 Autoshampoo 1260 -1 260
6th Rags 3500 -3,500
7th Security 1200 -1 200
8 Taxes on revenue of 6% on revenue 6960 -6960
Total 68260 47740
Total per year 572 880

Forecast of financial results

Net profit of the entrepreneur in months. 47740
Profit per entrepreneur per year 572 880
Profitability 41.2%
Payback period (months) 8.4 months
Payback period (years) 0.7

Profitability = (47740/116 000) 100% = 41.2%
Payback period of the project: T = 400 000/572 880 = 0.7 years

8. Risk factors

Types of risk Causes Warnings
Risk of unclaimed production Errors in the forecast of demand for manufactured products, the choice of distribution channels, low quality of goods, the production irregularity, inefficiency of advertising. Control at all stages of production-realization, timely identification of causes, additional marketing research of the market, adjustment.
Risks on economic contracts Changes in the preliminary conditions of contracts, bad faith of partners, insolvency of consumers, violation of schedules and volumes of supplies. Strict adherence to the requirements of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and other legislative and regulatory acts when concluding and executing economic contracts, determining the amount and order of reimbursement by the counterparty of the damage.

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