Business plan styling studio

1. Brief description

Short Investment Memorandum

Styling studio NAMASHINU.RU provides high-quality styling services to create an exclusive appearance of the car.

The list of styling services includes:

  • Toning,
  • Dry cleaning,
  • Polishing, water glass, wax,
  • Rejuvenation. The new car,
  • Repair of glass,
  • Removing dents without painting,
  • Painting discs and rubber,
  • Inscriptions on rubber,
  • Sale and installation of additional equipment,
  • Sewing salon,
  • Design of stickers and appearance of the vehicle.

The need to open such a styling studio is due to the appearance of consumers, car owners, the value of the type of new car and the ownership of an exclusive car. Moreover, due to the formation of a segment of premium cars in Russia, there was an acute need to maintain and improve the appearance of the car.

As styling services improve the consumer properties of cars, the demand for them will steadily increase with the increase in the number of car fleets in general, and the number of premium cars in particular. However, it is worth noting that the demand for such services is still at the stage of formation in Russia. And the company has the task of developing a marketing strategy with the inclusion of educational marketing in it.

The most effective channels for promoting the services of a styling studio will be participation in specialized exhibition events and other events with demonstration of finished projects.
The target audience of clients of the styling studio are men from 24 years old with an income level above the average, as well as medium and large business.

It is advisable to open a styling studio in a city with a population of at least 70,000 people, since the minimum audience for the project is 2,000 cars.

The start-up time of the styling studio is 3 weeks.

In the future, the cost of purchasing materials will be 15% of income, rent – 20%, and costs for staff salaries – 30%.

In this business plan financial calculations are given according to 3 possible business development options, depending on the forecast of the number of orders – negative, medium and positive.

Total investment in the project of opening a styling studio will be from 1,566,000 rubles. up to 2 9720 00 rub.

Depending on what forecast the current situation will adhere to, the payback period of the business can occur at 6-18 months of work.

2. Car styling

Description of business, product or service

The business idea is to organize an automobile styling studio NAMASHINU.RU, the main specialization of which is the high-quality rendering of services for creating an exclusive appearance of the car and show cars. Styling studio allows owners of cars of all classes, especially business and luxury classes, to emphasize the individuality of the car and highlight its own status, to receive real pleasure not only from its good work, but also from appearance, and also to protect the car from hijacking and damage to paintwork .

The most popular service of the studio is the application of vinyl film to cars (vinylography). The application of a vinyl film to the whole car body or individual parts guarantees the protection of the paint and varnish from a variety of external natural and artificial influences. However, it is expected to provide related services, which will bring up to 50% of revenue.

The object of work  is a car, special machinery, commercial vehicles, trucks, boats, boats, helicopters, snowmobiles, cars, passenger transport, furniture, household appliances, etc.
The goal  is the development of styling services for cars and other vehicles on the Russian market and abroad.
The task  is to provide a set of high-quality services.

The development of the company and leadership in the market is provided by experience, the latest technological developments and a broad intellectual base in working with equipment and films at all stages.

The studios provide the maximum package of services in one place, removing from car owners the need to waste time searching and visiting other companies, getting a guaranteed high quality of services.

Service list

Tinting is the process of darkening a car. Tinted car windows can be of three types: tint film, spraying and the insertion of colored glass. The second and third methods of tinting cars with their own hands and in the auto service are very rarely used. And so we will only consider automotive tinting. And under the tint of the machine we will understand a film pasted on the glass with a certain light transmission. I would like to note that the tint film is applied to the glass from the inside.

Dry cleaning
Dry car washing provides for the use of funds for car washing without water, which is developed in America and is produced since 2007. To date, all used products are manufactured in Europe under strict quality control.

Polishing, liquid glass, wax
These services are aimed at maximum protection of the body from external environmental influences, preservation of color and shade.

Rejuvenation. New car.
A set of services aimed at giving a second-hand car a new look. The newest means for cleaning all kinds of surfaces are used, which are applied with special sponges, tampons and rags.

Repair of glasses
The repair of the windshield is conventionally divided into repair of cracks and repair of chips. Repair of cracks is a repair, in which at first the rift is washed from impurities, then the moisture is removed with a special tool or a water-displacing liquid. The next stage includes operations to prevent the growth of cracks by drilling holes.
Repairing chips is repair, which begins with drilling the hole in the center of the damage to produce an internal cavity that connects the internal rupture in the glass and cracks. In the event that cracks have a length of more than one centimeter, their growth is prevented by drilling holes.

Removing dents without painting
Paintless removal of dents is a revolutionary process of repairing dents, folds (including hail) with a special tool without painting and putty for a short period of time, i.е. alternative to traditional repair. Removing dents without painting is an art of restoring a crushed metal, returning it to its original form. This is the fastest, most effective and economical method of eliminating dents, wrinkles on vehicles.

Painting of disks and rubber
Painting discs and rubber is an integrated solution for changing the color of surfaces and their protection. The technology allows you to apply the composition to the surface of the discs without removing the rubber, which does not require additional costs for customers. The composition is resistant to natural and artificial influences, temperatures. If desired, the cover can be removed by the owner of the car with his own hand. The painting service is subject to all the technologies of the manufacturer and on the basis of its own decisions. The service is so simple and at the same time exclusive, that can be used on the same set of wheels at least every day.

Inscriptions on rubber
Inscriptions on rubber are realized by the type of painting of disks and rubber, the technology is simple, exclusive, and materials are resistant to a lot of aggressive influences. The service meets all the fantasies of car owners and is available for all car classes.

Sale and installation of additional equipment
The service involves a whole range of individual solutions for the car. Sales and installation of additional equipment are in great demand, especially at the time of technological breakthroughs. Additional equipment from security systems and multimedia systems to the installation of aerodynamic skirts, optics and special highlights is, both tuning and improving factory performance. The service is available for every car, making its owner respectable, increasing the positive attitude towards its own car, and also significantly improving the external and internal appearance of the car.

Sewing salon
Sewing the salon with leather allows you to realize the boldest ideas on the interior of the car. For sewing the salon, the most modern equipment and various types of leather and Alcantara are used. The variety of colors and textures allows you to make the tuning of the salon exactly as it is presented by the owner of the car.

Design of stickers and appearance of the vehicle

3. Marketing analysis of the market

Description of the market

The concept of styling auto services first appeared in countries with a highly developed automotive industry. Styling services in this regard can be compared with the appearance of various means for protecting the body coating, the formulas of which were also originally developed in highly developed countries from the technological point of view-Japan, USA, Germany, Italy.

Compared with the leaders of the automotive industry, the Russian automotive industry is inferior both in production volumes and in creating a model range for classes and segments. For example, the segment of premium cars has become available to consumers only since the early 90’s.

However, the concept of a prestigious (premium) car today includes not only the brand of the car, the country of its production, but also its exclusivity.

At the same time, if the technical condition of the car and its wear takes quite a long time, then its external appearance is subject to more rapid changes. From the ultraviolet tarnishes color, from frequent sinks lost shine coating, dim the lights, plaque and rust covered discs.

Moreover, representative cars, which are now moved not only by single high-ranking civil servants, but also by a more massive class of people with high incomes, necessarily undergo daily washing, and in some cases not one. With such a load on the paint coating, it quickly loses its gloss and gloss. There is a need for additional body protection.

Analysis of consumer needs

With the appearance of the value of the type of new cars among consumers, and also with the formation of the segment of premium cars, the Russian market has a rather acute need to improve and maintain the appearance of cars, especially expensive and prestigious cars.
An important component is not only the preservation of the appearance, but also the repair of dents without the need to paint the repair area, as well as the repair of the windows, all this is the result of the operation of the car in difficult conditions or mechanical influences of ill-wishers. It is worth noting and the need for equipment cars additional electronic, exterior and interior innovations.

Styling services not only return the outer and inner look of the car to the new condition, but also allow for a long time to retain this pleasant feeling of novelty and purity. In fact, the styling services improve the consumer properties of the car, which means that the demand for them will also grow steadily with the increase in the number of car fleets.

However, despite the need for styling services and their attractiveness for potential customers, the demand is still at the stage of formation, since the concept of a complex of styling services is quite new on the market and not all consumers have information about it. The further development of the network of styling studios NAMASHINU.RU together with the dissemination of information on a new type of services, as well as the growth of the auto market, will contribute to an active increase in demand among potential customers, and hence an increase in the profits of studios.

The market of styling services is growing, and therefore very interesting. However, the development of competition is sharply limited by the complexity of developing technological processes for providing services in a complex, which is so important for potential customers, and the practical lack of knowledge and technology for a key styling service – effective and high-quality protection, uniqueness and exclusivity of paint and car decoration.

Market volume

According to various statistics at the time of 2015 for every resident of the Russian Federation there are 0.3 cars, which is 300 cars per 1000 people. The growth of cars is continuous, and therefore the market capacity will only increase. According to the company «NAMASHINU.RU» for the full work of the studio, the minimum required population of the city is 70,000 people, which equals to 21,000 cars. The potential audience of the styling studio is 2.000 cars. Based on the maintenance of 10 vehicles per month, which is a modest indicator, 120 cars are produced per year. This proves that the work of the studio, even in a sparsely populated city, attains a quick payback and receives a huge stream of customers, which is achieved by advertising support, by attracting the audience using special methods, including. events, as well as regular customers.

The target audience

The main segment of the market, to which the services of the styling studio are oriented, are legal entities and individuals. Most of them are individuals, men aged 24, highly paid employees of large companies and their managers, legal entities – medium and large businesses.

Demand for the list of services and their format for each client is different. Individuals are interested in allocating their own cars among the stream, using the entire range of services aimed at high-quality implementation of their ideas. Companies are interested in branding cars and other vehicles, from author’s design to the embodiment of ideas on the bodies of corporate cars. It should be noted that both are interested in the long-term service of vehicles, so this gives rise to the demand for the entire range of services of the company.

The segment of premium cars occupies a significant position in this business. Owners of expensive cars do not save on their status in a society that is emphasized by their cars, realizing the need for maintaining and improving the exterior and interior of the car, improving its equipment and attractive component. Taking into account the need to protect the car from aggressive environmental conditions and mechanical influences, owners of premium cars and business classes give rise to demand for studio services that not only have a protective function, but also a function of self-expression of the owner of such a car. A satisfied customer shares positive feedback among his circle of contacts, which is a potential client of the company.

The growth in demand for NAMASHINU.RU services will only grow due to the increase in the number of companies, entrepreneurs, the growth in the number of personal new, respectively, and second-hand vehicles. «Sarafanne radio» and information publicity about such a direction as «styling» will also lead to an increase in demand for styling services, and the direction will become a mass necessity for motorists and corporate clients.

Analysis of competitors

For a professional styling studio, the main competitors will be non-professional self-taught masters who provide low-quality services with the same quality of materials.
The advantage of the styling studio will be the form of interaction of the company with the market as a whole through carrying out a variety of training in styling to form a fundamentally high-quality market for styling services.

In addition, due to the greater volume of purchases, in comparison with competitors, relations with producers of materials that will provide special conditions for the acquisition and delivery of necessary materials will be at a better level. The majority of competitors – various services and stations – purchase material from resellers at higher prices.

4. Promotion of styling studio

Sales and marketing

The bulk of people who have income from the middle and above, expresses the desire to distinguish themselves among the rest by all available means from «beautiful» mobile numbers to the purchase of exceptional architectural buildings, incl. and highlight your vehicle, whatever it is. Every client and vehicle owner sees a method different from the others in his own way, it can be a picture on board a car, or maybe a show car like the one that was once seen in a movie.
Also there are a number of people whose views do not coincide with the above, and the desire is expressed in giving and maintaining a new type of vehicle, incl. and the modernization of its configuration, which is hidden from prying eyes, but visible to the owner when driving a car.
All owners of all types and worldviews are most interested in protecting the paint and varnish coating of the car, i.е. The most popular service is the car wrapping in vinyl films, colored, protective, chrome, diamond crumb, carbon or armored – it does not matter, all of them are excellent at protecting the bodywork, and most of them give an exclusive look.

In order for potential customers to learn about the styling studio, which can satisfy all their needs concerning the car, it is necessary to constantly conduct advertising campaigns using different promotion channels. One of the most effective options for promoting styling studio is participation in specialized exhibition events: «Tuning show», «Formula Drift», social programs, own automotive and business events. These events help increase brand confidence, develop partnerships, find customers and investors.

The most effective way is to demonstrate ready-made projects at these events, where everyone can get acquainted with the services, see with their own eyes the whole range of services and their quality. All vehicle owners who once become clients of the company will return again, resorting to the services of only studios and grow to regular customers, promoting the company’s services among their circle of contacts, often the majority of which are potential customers, in the future becoming as permanent.

5. Plan for the opening of a styling studio

Production plan

The work of the studio is the provision of diverse services of the highest quality, which together and individually improve the consumer qualities of the exterior and interior of the vehicle, including. aesthetic, which make its external and internal appearance more attractive and respectable.

The plan for the opening of the studio consists of two stages, on each of which several problems are solved in parallel. The full cycle from the positive decision about the opening of the studio before the launch takes 3 weeks.

First of all, there is a search and recruitment of employees, then they are trained in technologies for working with materials and equipment.

At the same time, all the internal documentation for the work of the studio, corporate layouts for print, external, internal and electronic advertising is being developed. During the whole stage, a room is sought for a future studio.

The optimal solution is to rent a room in 80-120 sq.m, however, having a premise in the property, expenses for rent are reduced.

The working part of the room does not need major repairs, except for the requirements for heating, light and cleanliness. For example, the floors in the studio must be light in color and can be washed.

The spatial location of the studio does not play a role, but it is preferable to create a studio in close proximity with highways and public transport.

The end point of the first stage is the launch of an advertising campaign.

At the second stage, it is necessary to purchase the necessary set of materials and equipment to start providing the entire range of services in the studio. For example, for vinyl printing and toning it is necessary to purchase high-quality vinyl films from world leaders, which are applied with the help of building hairdryers, special squeegees. For dry cleaning, you need to wash the car without water. On average, to wash one medium-sized car with an average contamination of up to 200 ml of liquid. Having a washing experience and not starting the car to very heavy soiling, with a 500 ml bottle you can wash 3-5 cars.

For other services it is also necessary to purchase special means of auto chemical goods.

At the same time, the final decoration of the studio and its facade is completed. The final step is the «Open Doors Day», an event on the opening day of the studio, aimed at acquainting potential customers with the services of the Styling Studio.

6. Employees

Organizational structure

Staff to provide services to the studio may not have work experience and specialized education, as for each employee, special training will be conducted in all areas of the studio.
Employees working with equipment and materials undergo technological training for all processes within 14 days.

Remuneration of labor – piece-rate. The minimum number of employees is 1 person. The maximum is 5.

The work of the studio can be managed either by the owner himself or by a hired manager.

In the second case, the official duties of the employee are to control the technological processes of the studio, the availability of necessary materials and equipment, their purchase, interaction with customers, work with the cashier.

If the manager’s duties are assigned to the owner, he will have to combine them with tasks such as the development of the studio and the market, the creation of demand and supply, interaction with partners.

7. Financial plan styling studio

Financial plan

The main items of the studio’s expenses are renting premises, costs for consumables and staff salaries. The monthly budget allocated as part of the development profit and other costs of the studio is used for renovation, repair, equipment purchase and maintenance of the premises.

Expenses will be determined as a percentage of income. Thus, on average, the cost of procurement of materials will be 15% of revenue, rent – 20%, and costs for employees’ salaries – 30%.

The main source of income is the provision of styling services.

Prices for services
The services The minimum price, rub. the maximum price, rub. average check, rub.
Author’s drawings 20,000 120,000 70 000
Drawings from the catalog 10,000 30 000 20,000
Vinylography 10,000 40,000 25 000
Protective film 5,000 35,000 20,000
Advertising on the car 6,000 44,000 25 000
Toning and other accessories 1 500 8,500 5,000
Sewing salon 30 000 210 000 120,000
Styling moto 5,000 40,000 22 500
Vinyl on the car (chameleon, mat, peramutr, chrome) 45,000 400 000 222 500
Vinyl decor 3,000 20,000 11 500
Test base, retraining (number of orders) 10,000 50,000 30 000

Having determined the price for the services rendered, it is necessary to calculate the number of possible orders. In this case, it is necessary to take into account both the negative and the positive variant of the number of prospective orders.

Forecast of the number of orders
Service Number of orders per month
negative average positive
Author’s drawings 0.3 1 2
Drawings from the catalog 1 3 6th
Vinylography 0.3 1 2
Protective film 2 4 9
Advertising on the car 0.5 2 4
Toning and other accessories 4 9 20
Sewing salon 0.3 1 4
Styling moto 0.3 1 3
Vinyl on the car (chameleon, mat, peramutr, chrome) 0.5 2 4
Vinyl decor 1 3 5
Test base, retraining (number of orders) 1 3 9

Taking into account the required costs, the cost of providing services and forecasting the number of orders, you can determine such indicators as average profit, income and expenses.

Financial forecast (per month)
negative average positive
Average profit,% 35% 55% 60%
Incomes, rub. 316 500 1 042 000 2 455 000
Profit, rub. 110 775 473 100 1 223 000

Total investment in the project of opening a styling studio will be from 1566000 rubles. up to 2972000 rubles. Depending on what forecast the current situation will adhere to, the payback period of the business can occur at 6-18 months of work.

8. Risk factors

Negative economic phenomena

Shocks in the economy certainly affect the paying capacity of the population. However, considering that the main audience of the styling studio are highly paid employees of large companies and their leaders, owners of premium cars, as well as medium and large business demand for styling services, will not be strongly affected by negative economic shocks.
However, the pricing policy may be affected by fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, since most of the materials are purchased from foreign producers.


The company NAMASHINU.RU has unique technologies to provide the entire list of services, developed by experience. The materials used are delivered directly from world leaders from production, bypassing dealers, so the likelihood of the appearance of similar services with a lower price policy is unlikely.

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