How to open a cleaning company?

Since the market for cleaning commercial real estate (offices, retail premises) has long been occupied by large players, you should bet on cleaning the living quarters. Here, higher requirements for the quality of the work performed, and therefore, the staff you need more qualified. However, there is a firm belief that cleaning is reduced to «waving a rag», and everyone can do it. Therefore, any of your ads about finding cleaners will have hundreds of responses, but the proportion of people ready to work under high quality standards will be minimal. Recruitment, training, knowledge testing – all this will take you a lot of time.

The main two questions to which you must answer, opening a cleaning business: «What will my cleaners be?» And «How to find customers?». From who will work for you, and who will order, depends on whether your business «takes off» or «does not take off». Everything else is secondary.

Of the hundreds of responses, there will be, at best, 1-2 worthy candidates.

The second question concerns the search for clients. You will not have any restrictions on marketing – cleaning can be promoted through any advertising channel. The problem is that not all of them work, and you will spend a lot of money and time on marketing experiments.

From the time you start working to the appearance of the first orders, you can pass 3, 4, or even more months. If you do not want to lose time and money at this stage, start your business with buying a franchise cleaning company .

Investment size

The amount of investment varies depending on whether you want to open a business in a large or small city.

Premises for rent. There will be enough room of about 50 m2, you can even less. The main thing is to separate the warehouse from the office part and ensure good ventilation of the premises. The option of renting an apartment is possible, but undesirable, because cleaners will always come and go, and the landlord will not like it. It’s best to take an inexpensive free office somewhere away from the red line or in a large office center. The location of the building does not matter. Rent an office will cost you 10-20 thousand rubles a month.
Purchase of chemicals, inventory. If the customer orders cleaning the house, he expects the specialist to do it better than he does. Do not use household products (and even more personal means of the client), purchase professional equipment and chemistry. Floors, glass, plumbing, kitchen appliances – all this is washed with different chemistry, so take chemistry in the range, for all types of pollution with which you are going to work. The minimum initial cost is 10,000 rubles, if you are not going to provide additional services, for example, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture.


Purchase of furniture and office equipment in the office and warehouse. Tables, chairs, computers, a microwave oven – this is the minimum set for the office, plus a cabinet with shelves for the warehouse. The approximate cost of such a set is about 50 thousand rubles, if only you work in the office. With an increase in the staff of cleaners, you will also need to hire an office manager – this is about 30 thousand rubles for each new employee.

Advertising campaign of the opening. You can use any channels. In one way or another, you are unlikely to manage one free advertising – in any more or less large city there are already several cleaning companies. You definitely need a site with the possibility of ordering and groups in social networks. Launch for the first time about 20 thousand rubles for marketing.

Remember that the main marketing of your company is a well-done cleaning.

In total, we got about 100 thousand rubles. A little, but this is the minimum, and this value varies greatly depending on the city. And do not forget that it does not include employee salaries, as well as an advertising campaign for hiring cleaners.

Step-by-step instruction

First of all, pick up the room and repair it if necessary.
Buy furniture, office equipment and install them.
Purchase all necessary equipment and chemicals.

After that, you can start hiring employees. To employ them it is necessary quickly, differently the enterprise will stand idle. To speed up the process, you may need the above-mentioned advertising campaign for hiring cleaners. Do not hire more than 5 people at once – at first there will not be so many orders.

It is very important to properly train your employees. Learn the experience of other companies yourself or invite a technologist to conduct training.
Ask friends and acquaintances to provide apartments for test cleaning and check the knowledge of employees.
When you are sure of the quality of the services you perform, start an advertising campaign – first create groups in social networks, then site – and only then use external resources. Offline or online – depends on which segment of the audience you are targeting.

A place


As mentioned earlier, the location of your office does not matter. The main thing is to choose the format of your interaction with the cleaners. If they, for example, go on orders for public transport – look for a place next to the stops. If on a personal transport or a taxi – the location will not be so important.


To open your cleaning business, you must first determine the legal form. IP will be the best option. As for the taxation system, the optimal option will be UTII (provision of household services). If UTII does not work in your region, then choose USN (6% of income).

When registering with the tax office, indicate the code 74.70.1 OKVED (Cleaning and cleaning of residential and industrial premises and equipment) and OKPD-2 (Other cleaning and cleaning services not included in the selected groupings).

The activities of cleaning companies are not subject to licensing, but it is mandatory to comply with GOST R 51870-2014 «Professional cleaning services – cleaning services». Carefully study this document – it lists all the standards for the provision of these services.

In addition, every cleaner must have a medical book. The list of analyzes is similar to the list for workers of a life (for example, beauty salon).

Check-list of opening

  • Selection and signing of the lease of premises
  • Repair of premises
  • Purchase of furniture and office equipment
  • Purchase of chemicals and inventory
  • Hiring of office staff (if necessary)
  • Hiring cleaners
  • Checking for medical books
  • Training of cleaners
  • Testing the knowledge of personnel
  • Launching an advertising campaign
  • Reception of the first orders. Opening of the company.

Is it profitable to open


According to our calculations, the company, engaged in cleaning the living quarters, even in a small (from 50 thousand people) city in six months of its work can reach a stable profit of about 70,000 rubles. In a millionth this number will reach 250 thousand per month through the same six months of work. But this is possible only on condition of competent hiring and promotion of the enterprise.

The main thing – do not forget that the key advantage of cleaning is that it is ordered again and again. 
If your customers are unhappy, the costs of finding new customers, active sales and marketing will reduce your profit to zero.

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