How to open a tire service?

Avral demand for tire fitting services is observed only in the autumn and in the spring , when it is necessary to «re-train» the car, changing winter or summer tires. In summer and winter, such services are almost not required, so the first thing to do when deciding to open a tire shop is to think about additional services and jobs that will support the business in off-season.

Tire service is a profitable business that requires small initial investments and is able to develop. You can start with a small container with minimal equipment, and with a large workshop. Everything depends on the possibilities and desires. The main difficulties that will be encountered are high competition and seasonality. The first confirms that it’s profitable to open a tire service. Workshops with similar services are growing by leaps and bounds. There are not many documents required, they are processed fairly quickly. The income in the season is 15-20 thousand rubles a day, so there are enough people who want to work in this field.

These include the balancing of disks, charging of batteries. It’s a good idea to provide on-site tire fitting services. They are willingly ordered by women, finding themselves in a difficult situation on the road. The installation of armored wheels on the VIP class car can bring about 10 000 rubles from the client. If there are many places, it is possible to provide wheel storage services. This will give another 3,000 rubles from the kit in the piggy bank of the enterprise. Only by solving the issue of additional services can I take up the execution of documents.

Investment size

The cost of opening a tire fitting is rather low. It is not necessary to immediately open a large car service, to start a fairly small room and several types of equipment and tools.

If the premises are leased, the costs of opening the tire fitting will be as follows:

  • Rent of premises – 20 000 rubles.
  • Equipment – 250 000 rubles.
  • Tools – 40 000 rubles.
  • Furniture – 11 000 rubles.
  • Advertising – 25 000 rubles.
  • Cash register – 10 000 rubles.
  • Consumables – 10 000 rubles.
  • Payment of the employee’s work before the opening – 20 000 rubles.
  • Uniform for mechanics – 4 000 rubles.

Total: 390 000 rubles.

What you can save on

In this list there are points on which you can cut costs, and those where savings are completely out of place. You can save money on a helper’s salary before opening, if you prepare a room, arrange equipment and furniture yourself, by resorting to the help of friends or relatives, and employ the employee in staff to hire when everything is ready and the tire service will start working. In this case, his salary will be included in the item of expenditure for the month and paid out of the funds already earned during this period.
It is most beneficial for the owner of the tire installation to assign employees not a salary, but a piece-rate wage. Due to seasonality, some months may not be very profitable. However, with such an approach there is a risk of staff turnover, and in such a business as tire fitting it is necessary to have reliable, reliable people in the employees. Renting a room may not be necessary if the tire changer opens in your own garage or in the courtyard of your private home. Thus, under certain conditions, you can save 40 thousand rubles.

What you can not save on

Categorically you can not save on equipment. Those who buy used very much at risk. Used equipment has too much wear and tear, so you can buy only one that has already half and more worked out its operational life. With further use, it will quickly break down or not perform its functions well enough, and poor-quality services of your tire fitting will result in a bad reputation and loss of customers. The work of electricians, which also need to be paid for, will be needed if there is no 380 W cable in the room. A typical 220 W network for professional equipment is not suitable.

How to open a tire service?

Step-by-step instruction

Opening the IP and looking after the place, you need to decide on the location. Further it is necessary to obtain permits from various authorities, to make repairs and to conduct necessary communications. There is no special repair in the room, but it does not hurt to paint the walls and equip shelves and cabinets for tools and materials – this will add solidity to your establishment and will place «expensive» customers with elite cars, whose services are paid higher. In addition, cleanliness and accuracy – this is an additional advantage in the competition.

It is desirable to equip the room with a sufficient number of lighting devices. Next you need to bring furniture. You will need tool cabinets, a desk, chairs. A small cabinet for papers and documents is also useful.

After that you need to buy equipment and tools:

  • Tire changer.
  • The balancing stand.
  • Vulcanizer.
  • Jack.
  • Compressor.
  • Bath for checking the wheels.
  • Device for recharging batteries.
  • Pnevmogaykovert.
  • Crafting table.
  • Keys.
  • The gun is for swapping.

Advertising for a new tire fitting is necessary . First of all, it should be a large, noticeable sign from afar. It should be seen by motorists with a nearby road or track. On the roadside of the road itself, you also need to place a pointer if the tire fitting is located slightly to one side.

These actions need to be coordinated in the traffic police. Backlighting at night during the spring-autumn rush will add customers. During this period, many institutions of this type work around the clock or until late at night.

A good move will be to resort to ads that can be posted at the entrance to a crowded place and the entrance to parking lots or refueling facilities located nearby.

It is also appropriate to paste advertising leaflets on the entrances of residential buildings located in the area. Next, you need to start looking for employees. At first, one is enough. The main thing is that he was responsible, hardworking, without bad habits and knew his business well.

A place

The choice of the place, perhaps, is the most important, difficult and responsible stage in the preparation for the opening of the tire fitting. On this depends the lion’s share of the profits of the future enterprise. In connection with the fact that this area of ​​activity brings good profits, and the initial costs are low, competition is very high. All good places have long been occupied, so you will have to travel more than one kilometer, looking for a favorable position.

When choosing you need to take into account a few nuances:

  • Nearby there should be a busy road, route, transport junction.
  • It is desirable to have convenient access roads to the facility (spend them yourself too costly).
  • Welcome in the neighborhood: parking, car repair without tire service, garages, refueling, auto parts store, that is the place where motorists call in when necessary.
  • The presence of a large number of machines is required, so it is reasonable to consider the options near entertainment and shopping centers.
  • There should be no competitors with similar services in the vicinity.
  • It is undesirable to choose a place in close proximity to residential buildings, especially private ones, as they will have to work only in limited time, and there will be many people who are dissatisfied with such neighborhood.
  • It is not recommended to arrange tire fitting near children’s institutions and hospitals. Unpleasant clashes with their leadership are possible.

Successfully, if in the place chosen by you there is already a room that is suitable for tire fitting, leasing. You will only have to reconcile its opening with the necessary authorities and take care of the electrical network 380 W.



You need to register your business. It is easier and more profitable to open an IP, it is advisable to create a tire fitting company only in the event that it is planned to seriously expand later on. In the case of hiring workers it is necessary to formalize them in accordance with the TC.

Tire fitting business is good because it does not require special paper red tape , as with products or children’s clothing. However, it is also necessary to issue a package of documents by visiting Rospotrebnadzor, the administration of the district, where tire fitting, SES, and fire service will function.

Having obtained permission from these instances, it is necessary to conclude a number of contracts:

  • On the export of garbage and waste.
  • For disinfection, disinsection, deratization.
  • By washing and cleaning the uniforms.
  • On the recycling of fluorescent lamps.
  • To clean the air conditioning system.

For work, you will need to issue internal documentation on the norms of the tax authorities: logbooks for accounting supplies, tools, inventory, accounting documents, etc. Registration of all necessary permits takes about 1.5-2 months, so it is advisable to start in advance, so as not to miss the season of high demand in spring and autumn.

Taxes can be paid for 3 systems of taxation for individual entrepreneurs: UTII, patent and simplified system. Here the most profitable is the latter, since not every month the profit will be the same. In the summer and winter period, paying a fixed tax is unprofitable. A simplified taxation system will require logging of reports, but a percentage of real income will be charged. A small income is a small percentage.

Check-list of opening

  • Registration of individual entrepreneurs.
  • Choosing a place for tire fitting.
  • Arrangement of a leased or construction of own premises.
  • Conducting an electric cable with a current of 380 watts.
  • Interior finishing.
  • Purchase of furniture and lighting devices.
  • Import of equipment, tools.
  • Drawing up a price list for prospective types of work and services.
  • Advertising company.
  • Hiring of employees.
  • Interview with candidates.
  • Drawing up a schedule of works.
  • Familiarization of workers with the requirements of the institution.
  • Opening of the tire fitting.

Is it profitable to open

Of course, it’s profitable to open a tire service and provide the appropriate services. Its main direction is vulcanization and balancing, the cost of which is 800-1000 rubles. In the season there are 20-25 customers a day. It turns out on average 23 000 rubles – daily revenue! Many points of tire fitting work during this period around the clock, without holidays and days off, thus increasing the number of serviced cars. In this case, the revenue becomes even greater.

There are few such profitable days in a year – the increased demand lasts about 4 months a year. But what about the other 8? Here, additional services are provided.

Some for this period simply close, if they work in their own room or garage. The rest are looking for customers with their own client base on the phone, by distributing leaflets and ads, advertising in the media, on the Internet. It is very important to be able to serve both domestic and imported cars. This will increase the number of customers.

Return on business from 3 months to 2 years , depending on the scale and profitability of the enterprise. If the equipment is small, the tire fitting is located in a good place, then you can work out the initial investment in one season. In the case of a spacious workshop with a variety of machines for additional services work out will have longer. However, in any case, investing the capital of forces and time in your tire fitting is the right decision.

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