How to open a yoga studio?

We were the first yoga studio in Kazan – that is, a place specializing only in yoga (before that practice existed only as one of the directions in some fitness centers). But the market developed, and from our filing in the city began to open other studios. 

Many of them did not live to this day. Now in Kazan, 7-10 studios are stable, you can come to them and know for sure that the subscription will not be lost; many studios work for six months and are closed.

I have been practicing yoga for several years every day, yoga has tightly entered my life. Then I found teaching courses in Poland, went, graduated, went through rigorous selection and passed the exams. I taught for a while, but then I wanted something more. Because when you work for someone, you have to accept his conditions: for example, I was given only one hour for classes, but I believe that during this time very little can be given to the group. I had my own vision of how to teach yoga, and I decided to open my own studio. It was 8 years ago.

The heroine of our article says that the secret of longevity of her studio is the proper arrangement of priorities. Do not, at least immediately, expect big money from this business. We need to find higher and longer-term motives.

But the demand for yoga studio services in cities is high today and there is room for new players. The demand for business is growing for many reasons. If 10 years ago yoga classes were popular mainly in the capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg, in recent years, the wave covered and the city of a million people. With the development of the Internet, people have access to information about yoga and its benefits. Many doctors recommend yoga as a good physical training. Equally important is the influence of the religious aspect. In the most successful yoga studios, which is «Shanti», full-time rooms are recruited 3-5 times a day.

The science of yoga is actively mastered by Russians: new styles of teaching are being studied, seminars are being held. So you can find your niche.

Personal experience

We teach only hatha yoga, because I am well versed in this direction. The manager should understand 80-90% of the directions that are in his studio, because if visitors have any questions or claims, they will come to him.

A great role is played by the human factor: yoga is such a practice, in which contact with the teacher is important. Therefore, people are looking for their teacher, who will be close in pace, load, and simply in appearance.

Who comes to yoga classes? It can be both senior pupils, and pensioners. Benevolenskaya notes that people who are interested in yoga are bright personalities. They are representatives of various professions – from the doctor to the supreme judge. Yoga – a relatively new area of ​​knowledge for our country, so it is mainly interested in people with an inquisitive mind, seeking.

Please note that there are dangers in teaching. Most start to practice yoga because they have some health problems. And if the instructor inadvertently gives them an asana (a pose in yoga) that will harm them, then the demand for it will be from the head. Therefore, you and your teachers should be very well versed in the issues of anatomy.

Investment size

How much should you invest in the company’s opening? It depends on the location and the contingent on which you will work.

Evgenia Benevolenskaya, founder of yoga studio «Shanti»

I did not have any money, I just graduated from the institute. Therefore, she took a loan – to start a business, it took about 1 million rubles. I did not focus on rich people. But did not consider any other places, except the city center, although rent there and not cheap. 80% of the investment is taken away.

Plus for several months you need to think over the salary for a good teacher, because you can not pull it alone. It is important to be prepared for the fact that for some time you will work in negative. Now, I think, it will take more investments – for 8 years that we work, the rental cost has doubled.

Also part of the funds will go to repair. Fortunately, repair for a yoga studio needs minimal, because the more free space, the better. Mirrors on the walls for yoga are not needed. Moreover, they are even harmful, because they distract – in yoga it is very important to feel the position physically. Need to purchase inventory. And Benevolenskaya says that she pays a miser twice, and advises to buy rugs more expensive.

Personal experience

We have not changed the mats for 8 years, although people are engaged in them every day. Because this is a very high-quality inventory. Familiar guys decided to save money, bought rugs cheaper, but after three months they were worn out.

Advertising is an important part of costs. It is needed, because every year many studios open, and you may simply not be recognized, especially if you are not in the most prominent place. The main emphasis is better on Internet advertising, social networks. Create a group, an account on Facebook, Instagram. This will work much better than advertising on the radio or in a magazine.

The state does not support this sphere. You can win a grant on the labor exchange, but it is small – just over 100 thousand rubles. Therefore, as a source of investment, there are own funds or loans and loans. Now many banks have good conditions for lending to small businesses.

Current expenses of this type of business are rent, salary and utilities.

Also, funds are being spent to improve the qualifications of teachers. Even an experienced specialist is periodically required to update and improve his knowledge at seminars and trainings. It is especially important that the teacher is well versed in anatomy, since the main principle in yoga is do no harm.

At us each teacher is trained to render the first home help, we all passed the exam in the Red Cross. This is also a cost, but they are not monthly. The certificate obtained when passing the exam in the Red Cross is valid for three years.

Our teachers themselves find interesting courses for them, sometimes I pay them their passage if for me, as a leader, it is important that the employee has these skills. In addition, I periodically bring interesting teachers to Kazan and arrange paid seminars, which my employees can visit for free.

Step-by-step instruction

People who will be engaged in your studio, as their interest in yoga increases, will require different related products – a personal rug, clothes and so on. Therefore, it would be good for you also to establish relations with suppliers of yoga goods.

Personal experience

We ourselves have found a firm with which we have been cooperating for 8 years. Of course, when you develop, you are offered and offered goods, more favorable terms, but we did not like the quality of work and the timing of the delivery of goods, so we are still working with our first suppliers. We also have suppliers – small companies from India.

How to promote the studio? Benevolenskaya advises: more mass events. Free events attract people. But here there is an underwater stone: your studio runs the risk of attracting a contingent of people who always go only to free events. Therefore, such meetings should be arranged constantly, but not often.

We hold a flashmob on the Black Lake every year on the first Sunday of the summer. Participation is free of charge. All our teachers conduct classes. After that, many participants come to our studio and become customers.

Also we annually celebrate our birthday – in the open air on the platform near Kazanka. Participation is also free. Most of our clients come here to have fun together. We give gifts, season tickets, discounts. Such events attract many.

What kind of staff is needed for the work of a yoga studio? A good resume does not really matter. It is necessary to see how a person works.

Recommendations play a role, I trust somebody’s estimates, but until I see how a person conducts classes, I will not take it. I ask the applicant to come to my classes and see how he practices.
Then I also ask you to conduct a lesson for the staff. We look at how a person teaches, as he explains. Sometimes I specifically make mistakes and look: will notice or not? Teachers have been working with me for many years. We attract to ourselves the name of the studio and good attendance, which guarantees a high salary.

Salary of yoga-studio staff is mainly composed of salary and interest for the number of visitors and classes. The more in demand the teacher, the higher his salary. A good salary for those who also conduct personal classes, although they are more difficult. The average salary of a yoga teacher in Kazan is 25-30 thousand rubles.

How to organize a work schedule? Naturally, the main influx of visitors will be in the evening, as well as in the early morning – many like to work out yoga before work.

Personal experience

We work mostly in the morning and in the evening. In the afternoon we hold yoga for pregnant women and personal lessons. The most visited time is after or before work. In the morning hours, students come to study on the second shift, or those who work in shifts. At seven in the evening we always have a full room. On weekends in the mornings we organize group classes, and in the daytime – personal.

A place

Where is the best place to open a yoga studio? In the places available for the contingent to work with whom you are directed. Young people, students are basically the center of the city, where educational institutions are located. If you are targeting Mom in a decree, you can open a studio in a sleeping area. There are examples of successful studios that work in remote areas in the courtyards of houses. If your specialization is children’s yoga, open up in the area of ​​schools and kindergartens.

There should be as much free space and air as possible in the room. Avoid columns, turns, corners. The basement floors are not suitable for a yoga studio: no matter what type of hood you have installed, fresh air and light will not be enough for you, so it is better to choose a premise higher above the ground.
In the hall of 20 square meters. There can fit 10 people – they will be comfortable to deal with.


The opening of a yoga studio will not create particular difficulties in the preparation of documents. This type of activity is not licensed. It is advised to open an LLC, not an IP: it is more prestigious and rated, the same counterparties and landlords prefer to work with LLC than with IP, because IP is easier to close.

Check-list of opening

  • The analysis of the market and competitors (directions, prices, personnel, etc.),
  • The choice of direction, the definition of a niche,
  • Search for a room,
  • Evaluation of the rental location, the choice of the best option,
  • Conclusion of the lease agreement,
  • Registration of IP or LLC, registration with the tax inspection, obtaining permits from regulatory authorities,
  • Search for employees, interviews, selection of candidates,
  • Scheduling shifts,
  • Making a loan (if necessary),
  • Order of sports equipment,
  • Repair work (if necessary),
  • Advertising campaign on the Internet,
  • Opening.

Is it profitable to open

How much should I charge for my services? To begin with, at least you need to monitor prices on the market and assess their costs. You can put 1000 rubles for a lesson, but 2 people will come. You can put 100 rubles, many people will come, but the teacher will get tired, but earn a little. So look for the golden mean.

Personal experience

Our cost is higher than the average in the city. A trial one-time occupation is 350 rubles. Single occupation – 450 rubles. Subscription for a month 1200 rubles is 4 classes. Some studios offer a free one-time lesson, but I’m against, because I know people who only go for free classes, and I do not want to waste the power of my teachers for nothing. Also we make a discount for students – they spend a subscription for 100 rubles cheaper.

The time to reach the «zero» point depends on attendance. Studio «Shanti» reached this level in six months. But you need to be prepared for the fact that for about a year you will not make a profit. When the studio begins to develop, you can increase the profit by organizing seminars, additional classes, increasing the volume and number of rooms.

This kind of business is influenced by seasonal risks. In summer, there is usually a drop in demand, especially on weekends, when people prefer cycling or walking.

It is also important to be confident in the people who came to class. The teacher should check whether the person has come in adequately, whether he is in alcoholic intoxication, under the influence of drugs, since such people are not allowed to attend classes.

There are risks. First, we do not know whether we will be licensed in the future or not. Secondly, we work with people and we can inadvertently harm them, or they can say that we harmed them. This can affect the reputation. There was also a danger that yoga is equated almost to a sect. It is important to understand that yoga has no relation to religion, yoga is a philosophy, and our teachers belong to different religious denominations.

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