How to open an advertising agency?

To start your business in the advertising business from the beginning, it’s enough to have at least an old computer and some experience in advertising. But to rise from this «bottom», you need to be ready to work without days off and invest all the proceeds in the purchase of equipment.

Where to begin?

Everything depends on the means at your disposal and your professional experience. Definitely you or your partner should have some experience in the field of advertising. First of all, you need to declare yourself and what you are willing to do-advertise in a newspaper, print and distribute flyers to merchants. You also need to talk about yourself in social networks on the Internet and attach examples of works that you did before.

In my life and the life of my partner was a crisis. We both resigned from various advertising agencies, we both had considerable debts. My partner Sasha had 12 years of experience in the field of advertising, I – two years. We had an idea of ​​what outdoor advertising is. In Evpatoria live 120 thousand people, and there are more than 15 advertising agencies, among which there are large business sharks. We had few chances. But we decided to take a chance and started looking for customers. We approached potential customers, store owners, and asked who they are working with, what they are comfortable with and what is not. Before we saw that in the advertising business people just make money. But to win people’s trust, we decided to choose an approach – to work for the people and do everything qualitatively and quickly. People noticed this and began to come to us.

How to beat competitors? Often, customers turn, asking simply to update the advertisement, which was once performed by another company. And in the process of working, you can pay attention to the weaknesses of this advertising, fix them, and thereby not only enrich themselves with experience, but also gain the trust of the client.

Moreover, in the field of outdoor advertising there are two important points that many advertising companies often pay little attention to.

Moreover, in the field of outdoor advertising there are two important points that many advertising companies often pay little attention to. So, in order to have a good reputation, you need, first, to comply with deadlines, especially after agreeing the layout, at the stage of project implementation. The second important condition is the quality of your work. Of course, clients with whom the beginning agency works (and these are owners of small outlets that order ads for the first or second time) often do not have a clear idea of ​​what kind of advertising they need. They just want it to be beautiful. And it is important not only to be able to convince a person what exactly will look the most advantageous, but also be able to realize it. This approach will be the key to successful self-promotion and will bring you new customers.

If the startup has not enough money, then you can start from home. Come to the client, get an order, make a layout and send it to an agreement via email. This is the bottom from which to climb. You can start with small – business cards and flyers. And be ready to meet refusals. It must be understood that the first stage is the most difficult: according to your uncertain behavior you can see that you are a beginner, and this is not credible. You need to start with small retail outlets, and then you can go to hotels, hotels, factories.

Osman Seit-Veliyev, co-founder of the advertising agency «Network»

We are only six months old, but due to a full immersion in the work we quickly grew. Today we share the second place in the rating of the most powerful agencies of the city. In the first place – an agency that has 15 years on the market, works with budget organizations, has a network of communications, a well-coordinated and experienced team, a social package, a stable salary, high work speeds. We will come to this with the years. We already have the backbone of people working for an idea, the purpose of which is not only to get money, but also to raise a good enterprise. Gradually we become a full-cycle enterprise – this is outdoor advertising, and printing, and advertising on the Internet. Because the enterprise, which needs a beautiful sign, needs business cards, discount cards, and a selling website. Therefore, in the end, any agency should cover all areas.

Investment size

If you immediately intend to open a large agency, it will take at least 3 million rubles to purchase all the equipment. If from scratch, from home, then at first do not expect a profit, everything will have to be invested in equipment. They drew a mock-up – they sent it to the press, got money and bought … figuratively speaking, a hammer.

At the start we had only a home-grown old computer. Then we opened a new shopping center in the city, and a familiar realtor called me and said that for the store entering the store you need advertising. This was our first order, and for its implementation we needed a building electrofen. We were given a prepayment, and we bought it. Now we have equipment, which includes not only computers and printers, the most expensive – 3D CNC machine.

Immediately after the first order, we spent a thousand rubles and printed out flyers about our agency and distributed them, and also opened a group in VKontakte. People began to drag on. But basically the word of mouth is working – people advise you. Our second customer – the owner of another store from the same shopping center, refused from the two competing agencies, because they were delayed by the terms. Now she is our regular customer, we have issued two shops for her, and through her came two more serious clients.

Experts do not advise taking loans immediately, asking for help from the funds. It is better to start with a minimum capital. If you want a lot and at once, it’s better to sit down, think and think about it: even if you have good equipment and shops, where will you find many specialists ready to work on it, and quickly and smoothly, and so many orders to pay back the costs? It is better to grow gradually, buying equipment as needed.

If there is a possibility, then you can invest 200 thousand rubles for the beginning. Buy a good printer for printing large format paper, a good computer, a «drill-bolgaruku.» This is a necessary minimum. Money can be asked from friends. Although they are unlikely to give you, if you do not have experience.

Where do the money go? First, on the salary, because as you grow you will have to hire people. It is most convenient to enter a percentage payment system – from each completed object. This motivates you to work faster. The second point is the purchase of equipment. You can find a non-standard way out, for example, make friends with employees of a wholesale warehouse and offer them barter. As a result, you will be able to get equipment at a purchase price, even cheaper than at wholesale warehouses.

Step-by-step instruction

At first glance, advertising seems to be a difficult business, but if you have a specific goal, you can earn well by building relationships with customers and providing them with services that outperform competitors in terms of quality.
How to interact with material suppliers? Find a list of providers on the Internet and call everyone. With each talk, ask to advise what is best, why yes how, write everything down and compare in the summary table. Then it will be clear who is better, who is worse. But it is best to find a specialist who worked in this field and can tell what materials to work with, because now there are alternative materials that cost as much as the previous ones, but they are much higher in quality – they do not crumble, do not burst, do not burn out .
What are the requirements of the customers?

You should look like that, because you are the creator of the image. Customers are looking at the car you came to. Therefore, if there is no good car, you better go on foot.
But first of all, you must understand to whom and why we came, to analyze the problem of a person and help her to solve it. Then he will not care what you are wearing and what you came to. The human approach always plays an important role. But the more serious and large the customer, the more responsibility. Because such people are simple, they have clear, concise tasks, they know what and when they need it. And you, too, must be able to answer quickly and clearly whether you are able to cope with the task. If you are lost, it will give out your unprofessionalism. However, communication with customers of this level should not frighten startups, before this it is necessary to grow, first time to work with retail shops, small operators.
As for the staff, if there are funds, you need to recruit experienced staff. But without personal experience, you risk hiring the wrong people. Therefore, it is better to take a sensible manager who will help you. If there is no money, be guided by your talents.

We started together and the first three months worked like this. We had to work sometimes until 4 am, and then we decided to hire people, although it was scary that we could not pay the salary, because all the money went to the equipment. They hired people – and they began to earn much more. Now we have two people in the shop, plus we help our partner alternately. And now we need more people.

The schedule of our work is unstable. The first time worked without a weekend from 9 am to two o’clock at night. At the same time, people received 500 rubles a day, which caused discontent among them and their relatives. And the guys are already about 30 years old. We motivated them by the fact that soon the enterprise will rise, and then the salary of the skeleton of workers will be higher than those of those who will come later. So it happens. Now we have six days. We try to leave no later than eight in the evening, although sometimes we delay up to ten. The interest rate was introduced. We have to come to all this. If you want to get up quickly, you have to work.

It is better to find employees through word of mouth, to advertise in the newspaper and in social networks, the owner of the advertising agency notes. When recruiting people, first of all, one should look at previous work experience, not even education. Then analyze whether a person can communicate: ask leading questions, provoke a person and follow his reaction, find out if he is hot-tempered or patient. The third point – a man must be handy, masterovity.

A place

If the first time you can work at home, then all depends on the agency’s orientation. If you want to print business cards and flyers, then remove the office in the mall, in the passage, the lower the floor – the better, 2 and 3 – acceptable, but traffic is always lower. If you are targeting outdoor advertising, it does not matter where you will remove the premises for the workshop. Customers will come to the outskirts if they need to discuss the layout.

There are no special requirements for the office. Of course, the more spacious and beautifully furnished, the better. It should have computers, tables, comfortable chairs for designers, where they sit all day. Also a place for customers. But, note the advertisers, it is not so important to the clients at which table the negotiations are held – the old grandmother’s or the mahogany table. The question of the professionalism of a person who negotiates on behalf of the company is more important.

In the workshop it is important to establish good lighting, it is better to have high ceilings, an area from 15 to 15 meters. You can rent a budget room – it’s cheaper than a privateer.
Heroes of the article started to work as freelancers, then they formed as IP. This is more convenient than LLC, where you just need to hire an accountant to the company and prepare a bunch of reports. Now they need to pass one report a year, notes the entrepreneur. Pension payments are paid quarterly, so the tax rate decreases slightly. OKVED is advertising activity. What type of taxation is better to use? Until 2018, the Crimea has a system – 3% of profit, a simplified system.

Check-list of opening

  • Analysis of the market and competitors (range of services, prices, programs, personnel, etc.),
  • Choice of assortment of services,
  • Search for a room,
  • Evaluation of the rental location, the choice of the best option,
  • Conclusion of the lease agreement,
  • Registration of IP or LLC, registration with the tax inspection,
  • Search for colleagues,
  • Interviewing, selection of candidates,
  • Scheduling shifts,
  • Making a loan (if necessary),
  • Ordering furniture and interior items,
  • Repair work (if necessary),
  • Development of an advertising campaign for the opening,
  • Development and coordination of the signboard, its installation,
  • Development of shares, discounts and other marketing activities,
  • Search for an accountant on outsourcing,
  • Festive opening.

Is it profitable to open

How soon can you get to the point of «zero»? This question is relevant if you have invested the original funds. However, if you start from scratch and invest all the funds received, with the exception of those that are needed for food and housing, in development, then you can develop indefinitely. You can buy more and more equipment, open branches. If you work with diving and effectively, then you need at least a year and a half to the enterprise to bring a stable profit.

Increase profits can be due to processing more orders, increasing the average check. For example, a person orders a sign, and you sell him also flyers, business cards, gift certificates, discount cards.

It is necessary to take into account the factor of seasonality. In Crimea he influences strongly. Evpatoria is a resort town. In the summer of orders more: by the summer restaurants and hotels are updating the menu, appearance.

If the employee suddenly leaves, you need to find a replacement on time. And if still in the contracts for the contract established a clear deadline, the entrepreneur risks not having time to deliver the object on time, and then you have to pay a fine, even if small.

You also need to be prepared for the fact that competitors will be plotting. And at the first stage it is important to be prepared for what you will refuse and you will be neglected, but you can not give up.

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