How to Get the Lustrous Golden Key in Black Desert Online

Golden treasure chests were introduced to Black Desert Online’s NA/EU region a few months ago, but they were pretty tough to find out in the wild.

However, for the duration the Kamasylvia launch event, players receive a golden treasure chest every day, which has led to a lot of players asking, “What are Lustrous Golden Keys, and where can I find one?” If you’re one of those players, this BDO guide is here to help you out!

The simple answer is that Lustrous Golden Keys are not in the game yet, and the implication that they are is just another result of the lack of UI polish in BDO.

In fact, according to BDDatabase, there’s a pretty good chance that the item name, “Lustrous Golden Key”, is a mistranslation of the “Pure Gold Key” (which also isn’t in the game).

Based on the item description, if these special Gold Keys do eventually come to NA/EU, it’ll be as a cash shop item that you’ll have to purchase with real money. If further updates or official statements prove otherwise, we’ll update this guide accordingly.

In the meantime, you’ll have to use your regular, event-distributed Gold Keys to open those chests. But if you have faith that the Lustrous/Pure Gold Keys will eventually be added to our region – and you’re willing to spend money on them if they’re added to the cash shop – then it might be worth holding on to your Sealed Golden Treasure Chests until then.

That’s all we have for now! Stay tuned for updates on these special keys and whether or not they’ll make their way to western versions of the game. And until then, you’re welcome to check out the rest of our Black Desert Online guides for more tips and tricks!

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