Demise reported as bridge collapses in China’s Jiangsu endroit

Videos posted online showed a large section of the bridge in Jiangsu province swaying before falling on top of moving vehicles on Thursday night. 

These three vehicles were crushed, as three people in the call for other cars were taken care of in Thursday night’s collision China Central TV via Reuters

At least three individuals been confirmed dead on the inside eastern China after a highway overpass collapsed and crushed cars below it, according to local officials.

One clip posted on the social media app, Weibo, showed the bridge narrowly missing a small three-wheel car, whose driver leapt out and ran away.

Other images showed crushed cars, with only their front sections or headlights visible under a huge block of grey concrete.

A preliminary investigation showed the collapse had been caused by an overloaded truck, the Wuxi city government said in a statement on Weibo.

Three vehicles – including one that was parked and unoccupied – were crushed, and three people in the two other cars were killed, according to the statement.

Collapse - China bridge

Construction and road accidents are not uncommon in China China Central TV via Reuters

Five vehicles were on the overpass at the time, including two trucks.

Construction and road accidents are not uncommon in China. In some incidents, poor construction standards have also been blamed for the incidents.

In May this year, at least 10 people were put to sleep when a retail building that was undergoing restoration in Shanghai collapsed.

In February 2018, at least eight people past away in the centre of Foshan, Guangdong province, when a water split inside a subway station quality site caused a major windshield to cave in.

In 2016, at least 20 people were wiped out when a series of crudely-constructed multi-storey buildings packed with migrant staff collapsed in the eastern city of Wenzhou.

In 2011, construction blemishes were cited for a work out crash that left a smaller amount 39 people dead.

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