Hong Kong’s night of mayhem

After chaotic scenes overnight and a pre-dawn aim by police to bad weather the Polytechnic University,   police On Tuesday afternoon broke through the barrières of the campus to jailed those cornered inside.

Cop in Hong Kong has terminated rubber bullets and rip gas in an attempt to pin rear again anti-government demonstrators fleeing good besieged university campus where hundreds were holed up with petrol bombs and additional homemade weapons amid anticipation of a bloody crackdown.

Earlier, tons had tried to escape within university after a night of madness in the semi-autonomous Chinese fashion in which roads were plugged, a bridge was set on fire and a police officer was seen as shot with a bow on top of that arrow.

Plenty protesters, dressed in regular dress and without gas masks, developed a run for it, subterfuge tear gas canisters and as well , sponge grenades, only to have no choice but back inside.

Some were arrested, sorted out to the ground, while others screwed up and tripped over barrage and fences as police arrest pointed guns at any of them and threw punches. Few were pulled back into the main campus by other protesters.

Police being said they fired three attain rounds when “rioters” breached two officers who were trying to arrest a woman. No one most likely was wounded and the woman fled amid a dramatic escalation of the unrest that has stepped Hong Kong into chaos for over five months.

Demonstrators are angry at the what they see as China’s meddling in the freedoms guaranteed to Hong Kong when it taken back to Chinese rule with 1997. They say they are giving an answer to excessive use of force created by police.

Source Al Jazeera

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