Japan’s new “Blade Library” lets amputees rent pricey prosthetic limbs for $9 a day

Prosthetic “blades” are carbon fiber prosthetic limbs that can bend and spring as you run. They are designed for professional-athlete amputees, and they usually cost thousands of dollars each.

To alleviate that cost, Japanese prosthetics company Xiborg opened the “Blade Library” in Tokyo for people to borrow and try out the prosthetics.

The company raised more than 17.5 million yen ($156,000) to open the facility.

At the library, visitors can try any of 24 prosthetic blades for a daily fee of around 1,000 yen ($9). They can also exercise on the library’s sports track with professional-athlete amputees coaching them.

Watch our video above to see the amputees’ enjoy running and jumping in their prosthetic “blades.”

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