PodOne, the Uber of In-House and Remote Contact Center Agents

PodOne, aiming to become the Uber of in-house and remote contact center agents, has announced its pre ICO campaign launched on November, 8th, 2017 along with its official patent filing to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The company is raising funds through its QBE token sale to help fund the development of an autonomous network of contact center professionals all pooling together to support various customer interactions.

The idea for PodOne came from the creators of Fenero, a well-known provider of contact center software with over 2,200+ call and contact centers using the platform in over 20 countries. Realizing that its roster of clients, who collectively represents a network of 13,000+ call center representatives globally, has an average loss in agent utilization representing 25% of their workforce, Fenero queried its client base on the idea of creating a marketplace that will allow them to buy and sell excess agent idle time to others on the network, with a resounding number agreeing to using such a service.

In addition to a marketplace with available excess time for lease from experienced contact center professionals, PodOne will also allow independent and remote workers to join the network, validate their skills via PodOne University, and publish their profiles to accept work from any business seeking customer service and support talent.

“We saw a huge opportunity to connect experienced contact center professionals together in a decentralized network to exchange their idle time for handling various customer interactions,” says Marlon Williams, Founder and CEO of PodOne and Fenero. “This pool of customer service pros can address major labor force needs in this market – elastic staffing during peak seasons and generating additional revenue for contact centers in the form of selling excess agent idle time – just to name a few.”

The South Florida based company also officially filed for a U.S. patent to cover their method for using blockchain-based technology to handle employer-to-agent work requests, pooling excess time in a marketplace, and elastic staffing of human resources.

An Ethereum-based token, Qubicle (QBE), will be issued during pre-ICO and main ICO campaigns to serve as the only method of transacting on the network. Publishing agent available time, creating and taking courses via PodOne University, and facilitating payment for services performed will all be completed via the QBE tokens in users’ PodOne Wallet. In general, 100,000,000 QBE tokens will be created, with 20% being available for sale during the pre-ICO campaign (November 8th, 2017 to December 8th, 2017) and 50% during the main sale (January 1st, 2018 – March 1st, 2018). These details and more is publicly available on the PodOne website.

The founders of PodOne has spent the last 15+ years in the contact center technology industry addressing the technical challenges of the industry and are embarking on a journey to address the labor issues of the industry with PodOne’s autonomous, decentralized workforce for streamlining customer and business interactions.

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