Sharp Contradictions As Hard Fork Fail Makes CEOs Relieved, Users Suspicious

Bitcoin businesses are publicly stating their relief that SegWit2x is no more, while community comments lend weight to a resurgence conspiracy.

As New York Agreement (NYA) heads confirmed SegWit2x was canceled, CEOs opposed to the hard fork hailed the start of a more constructive period for Bitcoin.

“When 2x was called off, it became immediately clear there’s greater consensus for a single Bitcoin Blockchain, and therefore there is greater value retained in the bitcoin ecosystem,” Steemit CEO Ned Scott said in emailed comments.

“The case was made by the immediate price increase when 2x was called off.”

SegWit2x futures prices dropped over 80 percent following the announcement, trading at around $200 despite being unlikely to ever exist as ‘real’ tokens.

“Indefinitely postponing the fork is a healthy move for crypto assets,” Guy Zyskind, CEO of crypto investment platform Enigma continued.

“The ability of the Bitcoin community to self-correct and avoid a contentious fork inspires confidence and shows how the ecosystem is entering a more mature phase.”

The optimism has been almost unanimous across the cryptocurrency industry, with only Roger Ver and unknown detractor BitPico coming out firmly against the Core chain’s continued domination.

Meanwhile, BitPico’s resolution to enact SegWit2x anyway has achieved a fair amount of trust from community commentators.

Respondents to Cointelegraph’s article on SegWit2x cancellation repeatedly noted the hard fork was still due to occur, placing doubt in the authenticity of the NYA signees’ resolution to abort.

Our Twitter survey, however, delivered an even split.

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