The next Generation Social App That Turns Likes into Currency

APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that runs on top of the Steem blockchain, enabling people from around the globe to connect and allowing all participants to benefit.

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Social media users spend many hours per day creating and sharing content – but they don’t earn anything from it.

That’s why APPICS aims to give people back their return-on-investment and rewards its users by turning “likes” into currency!

This concept has already been proven functional and successful on the blockchain-based blogging platform Steemit.com.

APPICS is the very first Smart Media Token based on the Steem blockchain and was created in full cooperation with Steemit Inc.

APPICS will provide one of the first mainstream appealing gateways to the world of cryptocurrencies for average social media users by offering an application that is intuitive to use and requires no previous knowledge about blockchain technology, yet brings user into touch with the advantages characteristics.

With the APPICS app users can earn digital tokens by creating or curating content. It’s as easy as posting a picture on any other social media platform – but with APPICS you get rewarded for it!


APPICS is based on a decentralized contribution-reward-system powered by the Steem blockchain and its native token is the APPICS coin (XAP) which returns the created value back to its source – namely the creators and curators of the network.

Rewards are attached to „likes“ and by creating or recognizing the value of content all participants get a fair share of the reward-pool.

We are living in a time where social media Influencers have become the new role models, and the APPICS team understands that Influencers play a key part in today’s social media world.

That’s why APPICS utilizes their power by integrating them into the platform as category judges.

Within the application, there will be 15 different categories of content – ranging from art to sports to lifestyle and more.

Each of these categories will have an Influencer team as the judge, whose powerful “likes” can reward other people’s content significantly.

But of course APPICS also enables newcomers to become an Influencer themselves, by being the early adopters of a new social media revolution.

APPICS combines social media and rewards, cryptocurrency and mass adaption, income and passion!


The APPICS team bridges the gap between the crypto-world and mainstream: The APPICS founders are also the founders of a global digital marketing agency, and have been trading, programming and mining cryptocurrencies since 2011.

This way, they combine their expertise, strategies, tools and global partners with the crypto-space.

The APPICS team knows what it takes to introduce the average social media user to the crypto-world, and enabling them to benefit from the application effortlessly.


The ICO for APPICS will start in the near future – an exact date will be announced soon.

To join the pre-sale and receive an exclusive 20% Discount on XAP tokens, please contact us via E-Mail at email protected.

For more information please visit www.appics.com and join us on Telegram, Slack, Instagram or Facebook.

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