Blockchain and AI solution purifies pharmacology supply chain

The world of pharmacological drugs is harboring an unseen danger, only noticeable once it is too late. Between 120k and 1 million people die every year because of innate supply chain weaknesses. Fraudulent manufacturers pollute the supply chain with fake drugs, which can be deadly.

The world of fraudulent medicine. And a hero that saves the day, FarmaTrust.

When this happens, fake drugs get distributed across the world, and if there are any impurities or lack of quality, there could be lethal consequences to using them. The end user, unfortunately, does not have the ability to test his own medicine, nor should he, as the label is presented to him is identical with the real deal.

FarmaTrust uses a combination of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and hopes to generate completely automated systems useful to regulators, manufacturers, and users of medicinal drugs. Each of groups receives a different set of benefits, but the most important thing is that the end consumers are getting the intended product, 100% of the time.

Watch this video to get a clearer idea about the project.

As you can see, the situation is pretty serious. Think about the fact that one million people (that use drugs) are exposed to potentially fraudulent medicines. This could be anyone! You, your mother or father, your brother or sister, and maybe your friend.

There is a way to eliminate this risk, something which was inconceivable before the advent of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.

How does FarmaTrust work?

FarmaTrust is a blockchain solution designed to improve the capabilities of supply chains and eliminate the risk of fraudulent drugs on the marketplaces.

FarmaTrust uses an API connection to fully integrate with any modern or legacy system, without a hardware or software cost at any junction in the supply chain. It allows for every participant to track and investigate information about the marketplace around their product and enables them to make better business decisions.

The products are labeled with a QR code that is unique to the particular package of the medicine. Scanned at production, and every time it switches hands, companies, and regulators can identify the weak links in the network, as soon as they withhold or insert additional packages in the network.

This protects the supply chain from manipulation and contamination and makes sure that the correct drugs reach the consumers.

Contact Information

You can best reach FarmaTrust on Telegram. That is where you will find the entire FarmaTrust team!

For business inquiries, reach out to Mr. Bohus Eszter, Head of Global Brand Media

Additional Research

FarmaTrust knows how to communicate with every foundational audience type, and they have generated content for each and every one of them. Investors, Users, Regulators, and Drug Manufacturers all stand to gain from a successful implementation of FarmaTrust technology, and they have everything they need to learn about the company.


For all information related to this project, please refer to the whitepaper produced by FarmaTrust. They have created a comprehensive description document that outlines every aspect of their project, their intentions, the problem they solve, as well as the Token Distribution Event, and how they plan to proceed after that.

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