Bridging Fiat And Crypto, And Is Sharing The New Mining?

The product as mentioned before is a simple concept allows people to be paid simply for sharing things on social media and other social outlets on the web. Provided you are in the system, your wallet will get credited and in the case that you are without a wallet their system will get you on to their program quickly and will create a wallet. Marketeers with content pay up front for their campaigns ready to roll.

Sharpay: Sharing is The New Mining

Sharpay is first up in our ICO reviews this week, it is an interesting project that incorporates the sharing of content on social media into their product, providing rewards for people who share media and paying them for doing so. The idea is to add a simple “share” button to websites and much more.

The token they are offering for sale is the SHRP token that will have a soft cap of $3 Million. There is a minimum investment for this one which will be valued at 0.1 ETH, the crowdsale goes from the 1st of March all the way through to the end of May.

Their whitepaper sets out exactly their products implementation, their diagnosis of the market, and the roadmap forward. From a business plan point of view, their offering is quite impressive and shows that they have put in a good amount of work into the project. As far as the idea itself goes, we think that it has the potential to go far, but it will need to take a dominant stamp on the market for it to work well. If it can dominate the market then we think it has the legs to go far.

They have a great concept and appear to be the first to market, and they are also trying to back it up with patents. If you are going in on this one then it is best to invest in the early stages of the process, there was a 50% bonus in the presale which has just closed, and the main sale starts at 40% and then steadily goes down. So it is definitely advisable to buy in as soon as you can if this ICO interests you.

Otppay.io: Bridging fiat to crypto for merchants

Up next is Otppay, an Omni token platform which is being developed for global payment services. What they hope to do is enable the buying, trading, and payment of major cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. They will be putting up their Omni token for sale, they have implemented a soft cap of approximately $70 Million and their crowdsale takes place in April and finishes up in June. They also have a Pre-ICO planned which will start on March the 5th.

The team for Otppay are located in India but are setting up shop in Estonia. They want to build a complicated crypto exchange that with the right AI will become the engine for their business offering. This will give liquidity to numerous trades on the system, effectively what will happen is merchants will be able to take crypto payments and will also receive the final amount in fiat currency with absolutely no volatility risks. The beauty of this project is that Visa and Mastercard are not in the whole equation.

The whole concept is quite a complicated thing to base your business idea around and the product itself will not be easy to build. There are certainly risks present and we think that there is far more work involved in the ICO than there is said to be. In saying all this, if they can execute the idea and mature it into a working model then they are sure to be onto something great. Success is definitely not guaranteed here but if they are to progress their idea into reality then they will be on the money for sure.

Grain.io: Backbone of Modern Work Agreements

Last up for this week are Grain.io, who are in the market to change the world of work agreements. Their product is an infrastructure solution that allows companies to process work agreements on the blockchain, all with a built-in instant payment mechanism. Their presale is happening as we speak, and their crowdsale starts on March the 1st.They have a hard cap of 4000 ETH, their minimum investment on their presale is 5 ETH and the minimum investment during their main crowdsale will be 0.1 ETH.

This ICO is all about hitting the outsourced labor market specifically, they wish to improve current labor contracts and agreements by implementing a new escrow blockchain solution. In doing so, they will hopefully slash the cost of labor by cutting out the middleman and having the work agreements with employees all organized through Grain. The labor workers will be much better off as well, they have the potential to be paid more now with the spare funds that will be saved through using this process and they’ll never have to worry about late payments again.

The team for this ICO are very strong on tech and are also very solid in the realm of corporate business experience. They give off a credible and focused impression, and they have a strong team of advisors behind them. Their social media looks to be healthy enough and they don’t seem to be trying to overhype their product. From our findings, short-term investment doesn’t look like it will bear much fruit and investments for this ICO are definitely more suited to the long-term. This will be one to stick your money in and sit on for the long haul.

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