eToro Top Manager Becomes Tokenbox CEO

Prior to joining Tokenbox, Pavel Salas had been working in the forex industry since 2009. He served as head of Russia&CIS department at eToro, the biggest social trading network, was VP for Business Development at Alfa Bank and Alfa Forex and for many years worked as top manager, sales and marketing specialist in Latin America – for example, he headed Latin American office for GKFX, the leading global online forex trading broker. He’s also author of multiple training and educational programs for forex trading and blockchain consulting.

Tokenbox, a unique platform for creating and managing cryptocurrency funds, has announced the appointment of Chief Executive Officer. Pavel Salas, former regional director for eToro and a well-known cryptocurrency trader, had previously been an adviser for the project. From now on he will lead the Tokenbox team.

Pavel Salas: “Having met the Tokenbox team, I immediately agreed to become advisor for developing, managing and creating an efficient international platform for cryptotrading. After several months of highly productive meetings, we decided to enhance our cooperation.

I received the offer from Tokenbox co-founders and managing partners, the offer that I accepted with great pleasure. The project and its perspectives got me really interested. It is my pleasure to join this great and qualified team, and my primary goal is to expand it – in order to deliver the innovative and great product which Tokenbox announced. We also have some treats for TBX holders and great surprises for the crypto community, as new releases are coming in next few months”.

As Pavel mentioned, there are certain plans that he and the team are up to:

  • final touches of the platform’s interface enhancements
  • completion of recruitment of the IT team
  • creation of the whole project’s architecture and structure
  • obtaining a legal license
  • building up the legal scheme within the international framework

Salas promised that after completing the platform’s architectonics, a precise and detailed roadmap would be created, setting timelines for the platform’s commissioning. The beta version release is set for Q2 2018.

Vladimir Smerkis, Tokenbox co-founder and managing partner: “We’ve known Pavel Salas for a while, and I can definitely say that he has both exceptional track record in forex trading and brokerage, as well as extensive background in blockchain industry. He was one of the first traditional market traders to work with cryptocurrencies, plus, he has a strong experience on international field. I’m looking forward to working with him on the future of Tokenbox”.

Viktor Shpakovsky, Tokenbox co-founder and managing partner:  “The choice is made, and we are so positive about it. We have a lot of exciting work ahead. Tokenbox is truly a unique project, uniting cryptotraders, investors and cryptofund managers within one ready-made, user-friendly platform”.

Yuriy Pripachkin, RACIB president : “Digital economy develops quickly these days. Specialists who combine experience in technology, finance and business are highly relevant for shaping this industry right. Involvement of a highly qualified professionals, who have a significant experience in blockchain, as well as in a financial instruments field, will help to define the structure of a blockchain based platform for crypto investing. It will also help to unite various market players and build the whole crypto market capacity”.

Professor Wulf Kaal, director of the Private Investment Fund Institute, blockchain, FinTech and LegalTech consultant, Tokenbox adviser: “What we need in order to create an efficient and useful blockchain based platform for cryptotrading and investing is an essential traditional finance market experience combined with a deep awareness of a blockchain technology itself. Pavel Salas has both, so I hope his leadership will help develop Tokenbox and will eventually bring it to the top of the market”.

Tokenbox, created by The Token Fund team and a fintech company Zerion, is a unique ecosystem that combines cryptocurrency funds under the control of professional portfolio managers and traders on the one hand, and investors on the other. Newly developed trading terminal, multicurrency wallet, mandatory KYC and AML procedures are among Tokenbox main advantages. The project raised $8.3 million during ICO, and TBX tokens are already listed on a cryptocurrency exchange market.

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