Hello Group Develops Exchange Platform Offering Bitcoin Cash Trading Pairs

Bitcoin cash (BCH) continues to establish itself as a versatile cryptocurrency, pulled by market forces to fill various niches. It is already supported by many wallets and ATMs, and now Hello Group plans to use BCH as the base currency on its latest exchange platform offering.

Hello Group Buys Bitcoincash.io

Hello Group, a Cyprus-based fintech solutions developer, has recently acquired the desirable domain Bitcoincash.io for an undisclosed sum. The company plans to use the website to market its upcoming exchange trading platform based on bitcoin cash (BCH) for both fiat and cryptocurrency pairs.

According to the specifications of the developers, users will have access to live and historical data, and real-time alerts on market trends are available at any point with no transaction fees. Additionally, the forex-style platform also promises that the global crypto market can be accessed by making just one account with which customers can trade on multiple leading international cryptocurrency exchanges that will be connected to the system with immediate settlements and no intermediaries. An alpha release version of the new platform is expected around mid-April 2018.

A representative of Hello Group explains that Bitcoincash.io will offer “a new decentralized solution to provide secure, high performance trading” that would utilize the best knowledge accumulated from traditional blockchain exchange platforms. The exchange will give users a competitive advantage when trading bitcoin cash pairs and the platform is designed based on customers’ expectation of innovation and accessibility.

From Football to Diamonds to Crypto

Established in 2010, Hello Group is a white label technology provider operating across several business verticals including online margin trading, diamonds, sports, and lastly crypto. Its current main offerings in the space include a data feed for forex and binary options brokers as well as cryptocurrency payment solutions. The Bitcoincash.io trading platform is meant to complete this suit for its clients.

Back in December 2017 the company announced it will open first bitcoin cash embassy in Limassol, Cyprus’ second city. The venue is meant to serve as an open community center where people can talk about the cryptocurrency, participate in free discussions and attend regular meet-ups with industry experts.

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