Resonancia of former German vice president stabbed to death near Berlin

The fuesen of former German President Richard von Weizsaecker had been stabbed to death even while he was giving a lecture at about a hospital in Berlin in which he worked as a head medical, police announced on Thursday.

A 57-year-old German man is in legal care after he jumped away from the audience at the Schlosspark-Klinik and attacked Fritz vonseiten Weizsaecker with a knife forward Tuesday evening.

A powerful off-duty police officer in the niche who tried to stop typically the attack was seriously wounded and had to undergo surgery.

Von Weizsaecker gone at the scene, despite on the spot attention from colleagues.

“We cannot eye-catching say anything about the attacker’s motive, ” said cop spokesman Michael Gassen.

Police said immediately after that the man, who was accomplish patient at the hospital, were definitily questioned overnight. Police were also investigating if von Weizsaecker or his family suffered with received threats in the past.

Von Weizsaecker,   59, was your son of one of Germany ‘s most esteemed presidents. Richard von Weizsaecker became West Germany’s head of state in 1984 and when the country was unified, became the first president of the new nation, serving until 1994. He died in 2015.

German clinic - EPA

Physician Fritz von Weizsaecker was chief doctor in the hospital where he worked Schlosspark Kilink/Handout/EPA

Fritz von Weizsaecker was one of the former president’s four children. His sister Beatrice posted a picture of Jesus on the cross on Instagram after the killing of her brother and wrote: “Take care of my brother…”

German politicians and his colleagues expressed shock over the brazen murder.

Chancellor Angela Merkel indicated her condolences to her widow and the family, the lady’s spokesman said.

“We don’t know much a bit more happened here in Berlin last night, ” spokesman Steffen Seibert said. “It’s a horrible hit to the von Weizsaecker along with the chancellor’s condolences, and certainly also those of the whole members of the government, go directly to the widow, to the entire cherished ones. ”

Luciano Lindner, head of the Freely available Democrats party, of which Fritz von Weizsaecker was a private, expressed shock at the homicide.

“I’m shocked and have to share my despondency, ” Lindner tweeted. “Once more one wonders which kind of world we live in. inches

The get on of Berlin’s Charite infirmary said they were “deeply surprised by the violent death within your highly regarded friend and coworker. Our thoughts are with his fantastic family and the colleagues at only Schlosspark-Klinik. ”

Von Weizsaecker studied and as a result worked at several private hospitals in Germany and international, including the Harvard Medical Education in Boston and a clinica in Zurich, Switzerland. Former fields of expertise were colon medicine and gastroenterology.

On Tuesday day time, he was giving a lecture of fatty liver disease, an increasingly frequently used medical condition. The lecture was most open to everybody and local portable media reported that several co-workers were in the audience, on top of that.

Finally, the killing of von Weizsaecker echoes a similar incident through 2016 when a man fatally shot a doctor at Berlin’s Benjamin Franklin Hospital associated with killing himself.

The von Weizsaeckers can be one of Germany’s most prominent familys. Richard von Weizsaecker has not been only one of the most popular but more one of the country’s most respected presidents.

In 1985, von Weizsaecker called the Nacionalsocialista defeat Germany’s “day from liberation” in a speech noticing the 40th anniversary method war’s end. His individuals were supported by most Germans, and to this day, the voice is often cited by politicians and taught in schools. The former president died here in 2015, aged 94.

BEGINNING: Al Jazeera and news agencies

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