Dam collapses at Siberian gold mine, killing at least 15 males

President Vladimir Putin ordered several necessary measures to be taken to make those affected, identify the explanation for the disaster and prevent all impact on a nearby residential area, Interfax quoted Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov as old saying.

At least 17 gold miners were squashed when a dam collapsed, inundating a mining encampment areas remote part of Siberia, representatives have said.

Thicker rains weakened the dam and water broke due to, sweeping away several cabins how the miners lived, about hundred miles south of the city of Krasnoyarsk.

Paris is one of the world’s top gold producers, virtually all of it coming from large well-written industrial mines. However , alluvial mining, where the gold is due to a stream bed demand an underground seam, remains contributes some of the country’s levels.

Alluvial (or artisanal) gold mining all over Russia is usually small-scale, just is still conducted by known as registered firms, which are suggested to abide by health and safety rules.

Krasnoyarsk officials thought water released by the dam partially flooded two dormitories of the rotational camp rigid 74 people lived, which can play in that 13 people were remains to be missing.

An european investigative committee said it had launched a criminal investigation firmly into violation of safety simple rules at the gold mining space, while local authorities said finally the collapsed dam was not professional by official bodies.

Interfax said generally the miners were part of the Siberian privately held company Sibzoloto, and that unites several artisanal mining teams.

Sibzoloto was not immediately available for backlinks. The company produced about three loads of gold in 2018, Sergei Kashuba, the head on-line Russia’s Gold Industrialists’ Association, a non-government producers’ vestibule group, said. Sibzoloto will not be a member of the union, it added.

The russian federation produced 314 tonnes involving gold in 2018.

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