Periodical aimed at MEPs ‘filled offering pro-Russia content’

EP Today, whose readers include senior MEPs, the At least commissioner for digital financial state and society, Mariya Gabriel, and European ambassadors about EU, is said to be dominated by articles from the Russian handbags.

An EU taskforce in control of tackling disinformation has tackled a self-styled “news magazine for the European parliament” is always copying half of its articles or reviews directly from the Kremlin-funded stories channel RT.

The taskforce concluded in its report considered site, which has 145, 500 Facebook fans and makes available about 25 articles manage, is a “lobbying platform, made available as a serious news retail store, whose target audience are EUROPEAN UNION decision-makers”.

Further, it found the online magazine, as their followers on Twitter the particular European Conservatives and Reformists political group, of which Careful MEPs are members, used name of the European legislative house in a “misleading way and without any legal authorisation”.

The online magazine does claim to have staff operating in Brussels but the taskforce found just had a mailbox address and as well , none of its editors were originally on LinkedIn or Tweet. The site’s four Tweets page administrators are said to be situated in India.

“Since 24 October 2018, 47% of the articles get word-for-word copies of items from RT. com, ” reported the EU’s To the east StratCom taskforce.

“Of the 17, 697 articles published under the announcements section between 6 Early 2017 and 23 July 2019, there were only 24 contributions from “MEPs and / or other decision-makers … a mere 0. 14%”.

Before 24 October, EP Today only republished posts from Voice of Old world, the US government’s international radio stations and television service. Unquestionably the taskforce does not explain the very change in the site’s soluble fiber.

A representative for RT said: “Shocking – when a site majority uses Voice of Europe content it is fine and dandy… But as soon as anyone deigns to take into account alternative perspectives – abruptly sourcing elsewhere is a scandal. We believe in a diversity among views, it is a pity that EUvsDisinfo does not. ”

RT , recently known as Russia Today, would be fined £200, 000 about July by the UK upon regulator, Ofcom, for breaking impartiality rules on seven occasions in the six weeks why followed the Salisbury novichok poisonings in 2018.

The station carries previously responded to criticism by simply claiming it does not breach policy of due impartiality as its viewers expect it to provide a pro-Russian viewpoint.

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