Johnson hesitation on Russia dossier allows to Putin, says Litvinenko widow

Marina Litvinenko, whose life partner Alexander, a former KGB that one can, was murdered with a radioactive isotope in 2006, sent Boris Johnson a letter regarding Wednesday telling the prime ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) she planned to take judicial action, lawyer Elena Tsirlina said.

The widow of Russian dissident murdered working in london plans to challenge some sort of government decision not to build a report on alleged Ruskies meddling in Britain, a lawyer representing the widow recounted.

“A response is now expected simply 4pm on Tuesday 19 November, ” Tsirlina said in a issue, adding that Litvinenko might be only proceed if your lady secures funding via the CrowdJustice fundraising site by of which date.

Litvinenko’s page on the site said there’s “a profound public minimal the information being disclosed toward the public, so they are fully informed of the extent pertaining to Russian interference in Comfort politics before they go about polls on 12 To 2019. ”

Litvinenko shows previously said that any defer in publishing the survey only serves to help Vladimir Putin , the European president.

The exact report by parliament’s intelligence and security committee (ISC) has been cleared by Uk security services but has not at this time been approved for publication by Johnson’s office, which translates to mean it will not be released before the election.

The ISC was examining allegations among Russian activity aimed at the british, including in the 2016 referendum on EU membership, whenever Johnson was a leading small in Vote Leave’s movement, crusade.

EVERYONE intelligence agencies have tasked Russia of interfering of the 2016 presidential election, acquired by Republican Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party’s campaigner in 2016, said before this week the failure to write the report was “inexplicable and shameful”.

In accordance with a public inquiry with 2016, two Russians killed Litvinenko by poisoning males with a radioactive isotope, polonium-210 , via an operation probably ordered written by Putin.

Source theguardian

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