The russian federation arrests conman who developed fake border with Finland

The man assembled mock border posts as charged four men starting from south Asia more than $9,99, 000 to take them to EUROPEAN UNION member Finland, the Russian border convoyer service said on Wednesday.

Russian agents have detained a man who seem to built a fake frontier post in the woods nearby the country’s border with Finland and promised migrant trades-people he could smuggle them in the gift European Union.

“The man never prepared for to carry out his promises, ” Interfax news agency thought.

Professional did not specify the nations of the would-be migrants mixed up in incident, which took place by Thursday last week.

He installed sham fences posts purportedly marking nys border between Russia and also Finland and took the girls on a circuitous route ınside the Vyborg region by suv and on foot, at one in particular point marching around a square with an inflatable boat, “just in case”. All 39 were later detained.

Video footage showed grownup males standing in the darkness some of fir trees, their watch hands up in the air.

On Wednesday, a legally speaking in Saint Petersburg fined the migrants and acquired their deportation.

The man behind the smuggling scheme was from central home Asia and could be asked to pay with fraud, according to multi – media reports.

Paris shares borders with a quite a few EU countries and many workers seeking a better life inside Europe pass through Russia.

Source theguardian

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