Another EU chief ‘to great in her office’

The incoming European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen intends to live in a tiny apartment associate with her Brussels office, ınstead of rent an apartment locally, him staff told AFP development agency on Thursday.

EU Commission President-designate Ursula Von der Leyen is set to stay in her place of during her normal employment week Francois Lenoir/Reuters

The job comes with ‘ official residence – a truth that irked von som Leyen’s predecessor, Jean-Claude Juncker, who complained to a German born newspaper that he was needed to live in a hotel room at a cost of 3, a pair of euros ($3, 560) for a month.

Instead, von som Leyen is having a 25-square-metre (270-square-foot) rooms next to her office close to 13th floor of the commission’s Berlaymont building converted and thus she can sleep excellent during the week.

She followed a similar perform while she was the Spanish defence minister, staying in him Berlin office and time for her family home near Hanover at weekends.

Main residence in Germany

An official next to von der Leyen announced living in the highly-secured Berlaymont would save the cost of safeguarding a separate apartment. It would definitely mean she would not be caught up in Brussels’ notorious rush-hour traffic and risk at the moment being late for work.

“We can confirm the best way president-elect would like to use an offer personal retreat next to the actual president’s office to stay during the night time during her days using Brussels, ” the official claimed, confirming a report in the German newspaper Die Welt.

Her “main immersion tank was always and is Hanover” in Germany, all over 500km (310 miles) by Brussels, the official said.

On top of her twenty eight, 000-euro ($30, 700) weekly salary as commission chief executive, von der Leyen gets an accommodation allowance of 6, 185 euros ($4, 600). It was not immediately open if she would continue to declaration this while living in him office.

A quick internet search of Brussels houses and condos shows you can get a five-bedroom house in the Belgian capital’s suburbs for that price cash though that doesn’t include every travel or security debts.

Von unser Leyen starts her contract at the helm of the Snow-boarding Commission in November. An example of her top priorities is considered moving Europe towards an actual carbon-neutral future.

Earlier this year Juncker lamented his particular lack of official residence with an interview with Germany’s Uppfattning newspaper, saying he could absolutely not invite world leaders and also talk to them “sitting to your bed” in his hotel.

The former Luxembourg best said NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg would sometimes risk him and EU Council President Donald Tusk to stay in his grace and some good residence “when we need hacia rest”.

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