What precisely next for the Catalan of us in Spain?

Following muscle size marches and violent protests, government leaders in Madrid are dismissing Catalan might need talks.

Pro-independence supporters are outraged concerning the jailing of separatist dominants.

It may two years since Catalonia experimented with – and failed 1st to break away from Spain, on the campaign for independence hasn’t already died.

All jailing of separatist emperors this week re-ignited the dispute, sparking a mass april from all over Catalonia throughout Barcelona.

As violent protests in the comarcal capital have raised obstacles about the reaction from the How to speak spanish government in Madrid guidebook especially before next month’s national election.

The region’s pro-independence guru Quim Torra, has called for unconditional talks with Spain’s government

However , Prime minister Pedro Sanchez has dismissed the phones saying Torra must in the beginning unequivocally condemn the unrest.

So , do you know the chances of a political strategy?

Presenter : Dareen Abughaida

Guests :

Juan Rivadella – pro-Unionist and additionally member of Catalan Business Guilde

Carles Sua – representative of the Catalan National Assembly

Juan Rodríguez Teruel choosing associate professor of Political electoral Science at the University together with Valencia

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