“An apocalyptic sight”: in the Oktyabrsky district near houses burned slope with grass

Огонь охватил примерно шесть-восемь гектаров земли Fire engulfed approximately six to eight hectares of land

Late last night on the Key-Kamyshenskom plateau in the Oktyabrsky district of Novosibirsk lit up the slope with grass. According to eyewitnesses, arrived on the scene two fire trucks.

Eyewitnesses photographed the burning slope and published on social networks, accompanying comments: “an apocalyptic sight” and “like lava trickled down.” Commentators also worried that the fire would spread to nearby ski base.

As told the correspondent NGS local resident Veronica Samokhvalova, the fire caused approximately 22:30.

Nearby residents became alarmed because such a large fire

“The fire area, according to firefighters, made up of six to eight hectares. Machine is not passed to the place of fire, so six people was extinguished manually. Today that they have 28 call grass fires,” said Samokhvalova.

On grass fires Novosibirsk firefighters per day traveled many times

The time of publication of news, according to the girl, the fire managed to be liquidated. The ski base was not injured.

We will remind, yesterday in Novosibirsk the fire Department has received numerous calls due to the burning of grass in different parts of the city.

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