The choice of a car with mileage: a “Lexus” for “Germans”

In this contest will make only cars of this decade, is still wasting 1.5 million on very old hardware is not quite reasonable. The Japanese auto industry represent Mazda CX-5 and the premium Lexus RX 350, to compete with them will be the German Volkswagen Touareg outgoing generation. Machine rate on a 5-point scale in five categories.

1. Freshness

Выбор авто с пробегом: «Лексус» сдаётся «немцам»

Mazda CX-5, the most simple and almost popular product is the fresh car. 2015-2016, 5 points.

Lexus RX for the whole five years older, 2010-2011 edition. 3 points.

Volkswagen Touareg occupies an intermediate position, 2011-2013. 4 points.

2. Appearance

Our Mazda CX-5, even after the new generation still looks like new, the actual car. Interesting rear lights, signature beak grille, lightweight sporty look. 5 points.

Our previous Lexus RX the third generation compared to the newer models looks a bit “not trending”. Heavy body, little latticed radiator, front fenders – like inflated cheeks. But overall the car is not bad, its premium image and solid machine, he fully fulfills. 4 points.

Touareg is still good, it’s such a chunky, masculine car with a claim to vnedorozhnoi. Harmonious body with smooth contours, the minimum number of fashionable cut faces. 5 points.

3. Salon

Mazda less than its rivals (length 4555 mm, width 1840 mm), its interior will be a little close. And the quality of the materials is weaker, although the brand is striving to become the Japanese BMW. The front panel is soft and there is a metallic jewelry, there is a convenient joystick control multimedia system on the center tunnel. The boot capacity of 403 litres. 4 points.

Premium Lexus cabin with quality materials, but its sweeping Asian interior design may fail to please everyone. Equipment for the occasion: leather, sat NAV, electric actuators, hatch, various auxiliary systems. The car is spacious (length 4770 mm, width 1885 mm), comfortable, the boot capacity of 496 litres. 5 points.

Touareg in size the largest (length 4795 mm, width 1940 mm), there is already a modern wheel with a small middle, a strict German, straight line design, soft plastic, leather, inserts of polished wood, not as showy as in “Lexus”. The roomy trunk is 580 liters. 5 points.

4. Ride quality

Mazda presented at the resale a good choice of 2-liter instances with all-wheel drive. Here the atmospheric motor, 150 HP, acceleration to hundred in 8.9 seconds. Full drive – connected by coupling the rear axle when the front wheels slip. A good ground clearance of 21.5 cm Car balanced and to drive on the highway and city conditions and for light country terrain. In this generation “Mazda” suffering of the weak sound insulation, and the irregularities here will be greatly shake – comfort sacrificed for handling. 4 points.

Lexus – the traditional stronghold of softness, speed, comfort, quietness in the cabin. The car is powerful, its 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 developing 277 HP To hundreds of car fires within 8 seconds, you can compete with the German “lighters”. All trim levels have four-wheel drive, you can confidently start to overcome urban drifts. Outside the city is nothing much to do, ground clearance is only 18 cm and fans sharp steering, excellent handling machine may not be suitable. Overall 4 points.

Touareg presented at the Novosibirsk secondary mainly with a 3.6-litre V6 power of 249 HP, the dynamics of it inferior to “Lexus” – to hundreds of rides in 8,4 seconds. But a more advanced AWD system and 20.1-inch ground clearance will allow you to use the Touareg in tough road conditions – the car has good accessibility, can be equipped with reduction gear and locking center and rear differentials. Optional pneumococci gives improved smoothness and allows to increase the clearance to 23 see “German” well managed and gives constant pleasure from driving process. 5 points.

 5. The technical part

Mazda CX-5 is a brand-new car, maybe even still under warranty. The machine is quite reliable with a simple gun and an atmospheric motor, with reasonable prices for parts. However, there is a CX-5 the nuances, which the owner will have to face after some time: the cliffs belts, air conditioning, generator, stands wear front stabilizer, knock in the steering rack. Overall 5 points.

Lexus with their classical aggregates is also considered a reliable car, repair it with the use of similar parts in Toyotas. Any problems with a Lexus, no, but in 7-8 years of age will end up a resource of many suspension components, it is necessary to budget. Sweaty and dirty lights, jammed mechanism of the hatch, gives the error system control lights – all this “treated” relatively simply. 5 points.

When choosing a Touareg with the 3.6-liter engine should be aware that it can cause problems with burnt rings and the appearance of scuffing on the cylinder walls. Electronic control system – a weak spot Touareg, periodically can deny the power Windows, heater, drives even on older machines. A large number of sensors gives rise to a significant number of errors from them. The service and spare parts for the “German” will require large monetary expenses in comparison with “Japanese”. 3 points.

Summative evaluation:

Mazda CX-5 – 4.6

Lexus RX 350 – 4.2 points

Volkswagen Touareg – 4.4 points

So, go ahead broke fresh and relatively simple Mazda CX-5, but the Lexus RX is a little behind the Touareg. Readers can Express their opinions in voting and in comments.

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