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Магазины «Фасоль» выглядят как часть единой сети, но принадлежат разным владельцам, каждый из которых сам решает, чем торговать  Stores “Beans” look like part of a single network, but belong to different owners, each of whom decides what to trade

“Beans” is a franchising project with German chain METRO Cash&Carry. This network was initially created as a system of cash-and-carry warehouses for small businesses. In Russia, however, this principle is respected, though (it can make only holders of special cards), but works with difficulty, as a small business we have developed worse than we would like.

Apparently tired of waiting, owners of the German company decided to expand the circle of clients independently. The project “Beans” began testing in 2012, and in 2014, METRO came out with his franchise on the market.

Flexible deductibles allow you to open a shop of this network almost anywhere

“Beans” is designed for entrepreneurs who are engaged (or want to do) retailing of products, but they have no money to buy a franchise network with larger store formats (e.g. “roundabout”). In fact, the “Beans” are the stores not even “at home” in the home: they are often open on the first floor in remote areas, which have not yet reached a larger network.

The press service of METRO C&C said that now in the Novosibirsk already runs nine stores and two more opened in the area. While interest in the franchise is only growing – in the last three months, METRO has received from Novosibirsk to more than 90 requests for cooperation from potential franchisees, according to the German company. Until the end of the year should start another 16 stores.

Unlike the “convenience stores”, “Beans” can be called shops at the house

The main advantage of “Beans” – very flexible for choice of the room. A grocery store can open only 50 square meters – as, for example, working in a new residential complex in Military, 9. In fact, the sales area here is even less – all goods exhibited in a room the size of a large room in the apartment.

Even the little “Beans” you can find fresh vegetables and fruits.

Special, of course not. But fresh vegetables, dairy products, sausage, household chemicals, etc. are available. If you just want to buy something for dinner or Breakfast, and the brand of sour cream does not matter, it is a good option.

The nearest trading point with food (about the same size, but independent) is 100 metres away, and those who need a large selection, you can go through Ippodromskaya – there “Aura” works “okay”.

Prices in stores are higher on average than the major networks

Shop on the Frunze have more. However, especially the basement (it’s divided into small rooms) make the inside of the store is similar to the whip of sausages. Here, however, it is already possible to buy not only the products of daily demand, but alcohol is exhibited in a separate room and the selection is comparable to the “Brighter!”.

Low prices will not name, but they are unlikely to make the person whose “Beans” were in a position to go further in “Pyaterochka” or “Magnet”.

For example, a plastic container (350 ml) of sour cream “Green meadow” is 56 rubles – it is slightly cheaper than the “Megas” (59 rubles), but significantly more expensive than “the Hold” (53 rubles). Packing “Doctor” SPK (470 grams, plastic) here will cost 177 rubles (in “Megas” common price of such sausage – 166 rubles, and now for the action sells it for 119 rubles).

For METRO “Beans” is “the weapon” dual-use. First of all, of course, these stores should simply to increase sales. Under the terms of the franchise, the store should have sales at least 25% of goods purchased in METRO, and most importantly, to the sales volume did not fall below a certain minimum (according to the franchisee, it is 400 thousand per month for the smallest format).

However, the term franchisee’s “Bean” has become the numerous army, which will allow METRO to oust competitors where its own shopping centers do not reach, – the struggle for a retail buyer. In other words, the interest of the METRO is clear. But the interests of franchisees, the situation is more difficult.

The presence of METRO Cash&Carry in stores “Bean” is manifested only in the presence of private label goods of this network

First, as you can tell, METRO is not practically invested in the promotion of the brand “Fasol”, and opened a store, the entrepreneur will get the beautiful sign that, most likely, at first did not speak to the buyer. Even the relationship with the METRO (which can add point of authority) in stores does not play, if not what is hidden. The only sign of the German network are the products of their own brands METRO – first of all, the Aro (the lowest price in the category) and a Fine Life (the average price). However, it will pay attention to unless specialist.

To know the opinion of the local franchisee failed – on questions NHS they were hung up or refused to say, citing the extreme employment. However, in any case they have no another big experience: most shops are open on the strength of 3-4 months. But if we turn to the experience of entrepreneurs from the European part of Russia, the picture is contradictory. On the website franshiza-top.ru collected opinions both for and against the work under the guise of “Beans”. So Anastasia (name not mentioned) writes that “the first months remained afloat, enough money for the purchase and maintenance of the contract.” Profit from continuing operations shop Anastasia began to bear only after six months of work. How long will it take to return the invested funds, it is not yet know. But advises not to hope that the “franchise will do for you.”

To open a shop “Beans” can literally be in the apartment

But not everybody is so positive. “Always some crazy ideas, the range of stock is scarce, prices are higher than those of normal suppliers,” says Andrew. “After six months of successful shop turned the store unprofitable,” – adds the user who has subscribed as a Muslim. And Albina though and wants to break off the contract with “Beans”, but admits that will have to wait eschy six months because the underlying penalties (for early termination). In fairness it should be noted that about half of the reviews are positive.

In the METRO on allegations of lack of effectiveness answer that a significant part of a franchisee decides to open more stores (one contract issued per outlet). Thus in the company specify that the minimum size of procurement in the network is now set at 200 thousand rubles a month.

Some shops without a name for “Beans” and at the same time the main competitor, and the main source of replenishment network

Retail expert (former Director of marketing for a group holiday) Artem Nonce believes that “Beans” is not any particular player in the market and just service METRO C&C to the customers. The main competitor “Beans” are not supermarket chains and the same little grocery stores without a name. “I spoke not long ago with one of the franchisees, and he is very happy with the initial results. However, his experience in the grocery retail sector there is no” – said the expert.

According to Artema of Nonki “Beans” is of interest primarily to small businesses. “I don’t know in the grocery retail sector, which would allow a person with no experience to open a shop with a modest start-up capital (to store the minimum size, it is comparable to the price of an inexpensive new car). The products is a huge market, and a shop of this type can be access virtually anywhere,” said Nanka.

However, if the anti – “Magnet” and “Pyaterochka”, “Beans” do you still have a chance, then deal with the pressure of another fast-growing retailer – “Brighter!” – scattered franchisee will not be easy. The chain stores also opened in small venues. However, in contrast to the “Beans” they are guaranteed direct deliveries from factories of the owner of the network production group “KDV”.

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