In the traffic police told about the state of the girl who suffered in a mass crash on the Dusi Kovalchuk

Авария случилась в десятом часу вечера - ребёнка из Toyota Yaris госпитализировали с серьёзными травмами the Accident happened at ten o’clock in the evening – child of a Toyota Yaris was hospitalized with serious injuries

In the Novosibirsk traffic police told about the state of small passenger Toyota Yaris, which was injured in evening crash involving six cars on the Dusi Kovalchuk.

“The child 2011 birth stable closed uncomplicated compression fracture <…> vertebra, closed fracture of the left clavicle with displacement, closed cherepno-a brain trauma with a bruise of soft fabrics”, – has told the senior inspector of propaganda of traffic police across the Novosibirsk Anna Sarnowska, adding that she was hospitalized.

According to Anna Varnavskiy for medical assistance sought another seven-year-old passenger and the driver of the Toyota Yaris and the driver of “Gazelle”, but the hospitalization they need.

Mass accident occurred on 9 may at 21:10 near the house № 1 on the Dusi Kovalchuk. According to traffic police, the Lexus was traveling from Rusks in the direction of the Refrigeration and collided first with an oncoming Toyota Camry, then Toyota Vista Ardeo, Toyota Yaris, Honda CR-V and “Gazelle”, which also went towards.

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