In Novosibirsk started the

fountains Фонтан на площади Пименова the fountain in the square Pimenov

5 may in Novosibirsk has launched 15 fountains – they are filled with boiling water earlier than usual.

Three fountains were launched on the area of Pimenova, also in the city launched a 12 – fountains near the theater “Globus” on Victory Boulevard, near the Palace of culture “seaside”, house of culture “Energy”, in Pervomaisk, Pavlovsk and “Radiant” squares, square Aviators, on the streets of Dawn and Seleznev.

As previously told to the correspondent the chief of the NGS “Gordonton” Valery Naumenko, the fountains are usually allowed in the city on Victory Day this year to run the fountains earlier asked the Department of culture of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk.

Last year Novosibirsk fountains launched into a Day of Victory – then the oldest of them has a leak, and water had leaked on the pavement.

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