In different districts of Novosibirsk broke

grass Пожарных вызвали на Печатников около 12:00 Fire caused the Printers around 12:00

The day may 10, Novosibirsk firemen have received many calls due to the burning of grass in different parts of the city.

One of the cases occurred in the Obges – firefighters were called to the yard for Printers, 7.

“The grass burned, the firemen came, trodden by feet, extinguished and left”, – told in the correspondence in social networks “Vkontakte” correspondent NGS eyewitness Alain Smilyanets.

In a press-service of the Ministry also added that in the city a lot of grass fires.

“The 18th Bronne lane 500 square meters, street Kochubey – 600 square meters. Street Sofia – grass, Train – the grass, the Tank factory”, – told the correspondent of NGS in a press-service Ministry of emergency situations.

The problem of burning grass in the Novosibirsk region emerged in late April – then, emergency workers were told that made up the region more than 100 protocols on violators a few days.

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