In Tolmachevo on car sharing: a cheaper taxi

В Толмачёво на каршеринге: дешевле такси

To negotiate with the Tolmachevo airport free on-site car Park managed car-sharing “Telemobil” – before to leave the rental car was only possible outside the airport, in a public Park half a kilometer from the terminal building. This practically nullified the potential benefits of car – sharing to hoof it with our Luggage that distance in the winter or in the rain didn’t make much sense, it’s better to call a taxi. Now the cars were allowed to enter and Park for free in the Parking lot, which is paid for all other machines.

Try to go to Tolmachevo from the center, appreciate the convenience of Parking and to compare the costs of car-share (which, recall, minute-by-minute rental car) with the cost of a taxi. The starting point we have become the shopping center “Gallery of Novosibirsk” on Gogol street, there was the closest rolling “Solaris”.

The mileage of the car is of the order of 75,000 kilometers, and the feeling that my car decided not to pay attention. Seat dirty in a divorce, on plastic parts, interior incomprehensible splatter. In the trunk, seems to be carrying some firewood.

However, most of the taxi cars that will be there when you call, will not be cleaner. The machine itself is undamaged, then it is necessary to ensure that the glove box in the document folder there is a Parking lot-the map of Tolmachevo, which will allow to pass through the gate.

Before you start look at the price offered by the taxi service. Uber has requested for the trip 418 rubles, Yandex.Taxi is a little less – 378 rubles. It is in the middle of the day when there’s no traffic and the multiplier at the taxi.

So, check-in at Tolmachevo. Parking-card you just need to attach to the reader – the way free, passing into the territory, turn right, right again.

Opposite the terminal building paid for the other car Park, we parked safely for car-share here for free. It remains to get the Luggage and go to the airport terminal – about half a minute on foot. Do not forget to leave the Parking card in the car, otherwise then for sure you will have unnecessary problems with the operator of car sharing.

And what with the fare to Tolmachevo? Our costs amounted to 280 rubles (time specified with the booking period), and this is markedly different from a taxi: it is cheaper “uber” for 138 rubles cheaper and Yandex.Taxi for 98 rubles. Earlier, when traveling in the city car sharing showed virtually no benefit compared to a taxi.

Now comparable to the cost the shorter the way back from Tolmachevo to the area of Work. Maybe in the short distance a taxi will be cheaper? Uber offers to go for 229 rubles, Yandex.Taxi – 292 of the ruble.

Departure from the airport – use the Parking card which opens the gate.

The path to the Work area takes very little time, no traffic jams. The total amount -146,5 of the ruble, which again is cheaper than a taxi.


  • Cost-share up to Tolmachevo or back will probably be best early or late when there’s no traffic.
  • Airport Parking is convenient, located close to the entry/exit is simplified.
  • Judging by the abandonment of the car to go you might have to dirt, and bags to place in an embarrassing trunk.
  • Still, because of the small number of rental cars in Novosibirsk is almost impossible to find a car where you need, it probably will have a long time to walk to the nearest free car.
  • Same problem and when driving from Tolmachevo – not the fact that the airport Parking lot will stand free car.

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