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“For 20 years the NHS has changed many times, but this year the main city of the portal will change its design and editorial formats beyond recognition to meet the spirit of the times and the needs of the audience, most of which is reading us from the screens of mobile phones. Much has changed and our city. NGS day after day describes his life, and in the cycle of news is difficult to see a fundamental change” – in the Preface of the book is the main editor of NGS, Alexander Agafonov warns that its pages takes readers on years ago, and then slowly return to the present.

Renowned photographer Slava Stepanov says that in preparing the publication, the authors were inspired by the project “Namedni” by Leonid Parfenov is a very brief and devoid of emotion description of what was happening in the city.

“We decided to combine the theme of the city, its history and NSAs, which is the main news website of Novosibirsk. Took key events and phenomena that occurred in the city over the last 20 years. Went through everything from top to bottom: looking at maps, archives of famous photographers and various photo agencies, talked to people. Made this slice”, – said the idea of the project Slava Stepanov.

The editorial office of NHS is located at Lenina, 12

In the book of 128 pages. Its creators say that wanted, flipping through them, all felt the change history is everywhere – in the views of the city, technology and even the quality of the photos. “It begins with a film photos and by the end we reach the smartphones, instant messengers, transport interchanges. I was surprised that so radically changed everything. It turns out, was a witness to it. I think people will wonder,” – said Stepanov.

He adds that while working I spent a lot of brainstorming and arguing, because it was difficult to choose which events to keep and which not.

“There are obvious events, such as opening Bugrinskij bridge or a new metro station, which strongly affected the city, its history and infrastructure. And there are things that if you do not write, they will sink into Oblivion and will always be there. We’re talking about the inscriptions, “hail to that by which we – no matter what!” on the street Petukhov or about the mysterious man in the hat who stood at the beginning of zero at the metro station “Student’s” clock”, – says Slava Stepanov.

9 February the Minister of transport, Igor Levitin, armed with a shovel, gave the official start of construction of the third bridge in Novosibirsk

Moreover, the book is not only Novosibirsk events and phenomena, but nationwide that were important, influenced the life of the city. Or just left some trace in the history and memory of Russians – as, for example, a cartoon about Masyanya, an apt phrase which about Manager forever entrenched in the lexicon. For example, the first is the disappearance of parrots from the metro station “Lenin Square” in 2015 – Floriana them stood there for 20 years. He was detained businesswoman Tatyana Sorokina, a seller of cosmetics not far from it. It was a charity project, and after closing the enclosure the birds have found new owners. Or getting a puppy, in 2016, the two Labradors with whom you can take pictures near the fountain on the first square.

The three-year old Meatball and 10-year-old Nuts appeared puppy milk

In addition, the pages of the book there are facts connected with the development of NGS. In 1998 the website launched Maxim Sidorkin, 24-year-old entrepreneur, who sold popcorn and CDs in the subway, finding the Internet a more promising venue for business. In 1999, the state appeared the first employees.

“In the book refers to the emergence of new sites and sections of the site. In 2000 the forum of NGS, where, for example, actively discussing such a thing as honor, and whether you need to legalize duels. In 2003, there are new services on cars and real estate, and after a year of Dating. Of course, special attention is devoted to the phenomenon of Novosibirsk life as comments on the NHS or the term “NHS effect” among marketers. Among the recent important events – the transition of the news service at non-stop operation from August 2017,” – said the chief editor of NGS, Alexander Agafonov.

In the summer of 2005 appeared the first complete edition of the NGS

Stories about all this in the book, supported by photos, logos, scans of Newspapers and even tickets. For example, Slava Stepanov brought your ticket to Rock City for a concert of “the Corridor”: they had a presentation of a new album in 2003. Laughs, thus perpetuated there. But in the book used pictures of him. The earliest of those was published in the album – 2005.

“I never thought that I would become a photographer. The frame with the rock festival “Wings” had not yet completed the second strip of Tolmachevo airport I did either on the phone or on someone’s camera. It so happened that he came and took him,” – says the photographer.

Today NGS publishes two chapters from the book – they are dedicated to 1999 and 2005.

The printed version of the book “Novosibirsk 1998-2018” get all the guests of the ceremony “award of the people’s NHS”, which will be held in the Opera house on may 21. Recall that the 10 winning companies will receive from the hands of city leaders and heroes of publications NGS figurines in a stylish, metal camera. Two more statues will be awarded in two categories – “investor of the year” and “Social project of the year” – acting Governor of Novosibirsk region Andrey Travnikov. Online broadcast of the ceremony will go on our website from 18:00 Monday – don’t forget to go at this time on our website.

General partner of the award – GK “Discus”, digital-partner – PJSC “Rostelecom”.

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