Two hundred of Novosibirsk joined the army in the Victory Day

Почти 200 новосибирцев решили служить по контракту в День Победы Nearly 200 of the city’s residents decided to serve under contract in Victory Day

Nearly 200 of the city’s residents recorded in the ranks of the Russian army in the Victory Day campaign “Military service under contract in the armed forces – your choice!” was held by representatives of the Central military district in Pervomaisk square.

Overall, the campaign gathered more than 50 thousand people.

“Victory Day in Novosibirsk was held the campaign “Military service under the contract in Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – Your choice!”, where you worked as a mobile point of selection. After the preliminary tests were deemed fit and decided to join the ranks of the Russian army, about two hundred of Novosibirsk”, – told the correspondent of NGS in a press-service of the CVO, refusing to name the exact number signed up for the service contract.

During the action of Novosibirsk were treated to porridge from the field kitchen and hot tea. In addition, the military organized a sports competition on the bench press bar and arm wrestling.

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