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As a rule, in any school there is a summer camp where kids can come during the day to go with the teachers on the tour. The standard version for most parents to apply for subsidized a trip to the camp through the urban resource centre on organization of rest and improvement of children “Formula for success”. By the way, on the organization’s website has a list of all camps in the city and region. In may, permits are distributed among those who stood in line. For those who did not think or did not, NGS picked up a few options for children’s recreation at different prices.

Camp of day stay will suit parents who want a child came home last night

Up to 10 thousand rubles

In the money you keep, selecting of camp of day stay. Many of them are themed – from language learning to the basics of theatre arts.

Studio actor’s and oratorical skill “Primus”. Here take children from 7 to 12 years. Summer camp will be 6 shifts of 10 days. Price – 10 000 rubles. Classes are held from 9 to 14 hours for the Deputy, 15. Children will be engaged in two teacher – Director of the theatre “Monday – closed” Sergey Drozdov and lecturer in courses on speech technology Lucia Postica. In the program of each shift, acting training, development of communication skills, rhythm, memory training, training etiquette and more. The price includes a light lunch – as explained in the administration of the camp, the children will have a snack.

Summer camp “Heritage”

This is a camp for children from 5 to 12 years. Classes are held from 9 to 17:30 on Country, 37/1. Price – 5500 rubles for five days. The price includes three meals a day. Children are divided by age groups. Each week themed on the culture and history of a particular country.

Summer sailing school in Akademgorodok

A joint project of “Sailing SCATTANTE” and the children’s school “boomerang”. Invited children from 8 to 16 years. Classes will take place all summer – from June 4 to August 26 on the Central beach of Academgorodok. Price per week – 5000 rubles. If you pay month – 18 thousand rubles. The price includes lunch. Classes are from 9 to 18 hours. The child is not necessarily able to swim, as all classes are held in the vests. Water activities will take place, accompanied by rescuers. Children will be involved in the school initial training of athletes sailing programme “sailing” and “Windsurfing”. In a group of no more than 25 people, each will have a personal ahtoska.

Usually in groups of full stay no more than 10 people

10-20 thousand rubles

Linguistic centre “Oxford”. This is a summer camp for children from 7 to 12 years. Classes are held from 10 to 17 hours on the right Bank in the business center “Novograd” on the left – in the business centre “sun city”. In a group of 6-8 people. If paying before June 1, the price is 16 thousand rubles for 10 days. The price includes a full lunch and two snacks, and one and a half hours of language lessons and excursions, such as a trip to the zoo, museums, etc. As explained in the administration of the camp, the teacher communicates with the children in English in an entertaining format. There are also outreach programmes in lager ‘ imeni Olega Koshevogo, to take children from 8 to 17 years. The price with accommodation – 22 thousand rubles.

Playground “Creative summer 2018”

This is a dance school that takes children from 7 to 11 years. Classes are held on Sibrevkoma 7/1. The program includes: training in different types of dance, fitness, drawing, games, outdoor events. Cost depending on selected package: “the Complete package” (lessons 9 to 16) to 20 may 12 500 rubles, after 15 thousand; “+” (classes 9 to 18) – may 20 15 500 rubles; “Dancing” – until may 20 4400 rubles, “Dancing + drawing” – until may 20 7400 rubles.

In Novosibirsk are summer enrichment courses for children in various areas

20-30 thousand rubles

Summer camp in Technopark. This two-week school robotics for school children from the age of 10. Classes are held from 11 to 18 hours in Engineering, 20. Only six shifts, each of the classes are for two weeks, day off – Sunday. The cost of one shift – 21 thousand rubles. As explained in the administration of the camp, groups are formed not by age, but by level (before distribution will be test tasks). The price includes three meals a day: brunch, lunch, afternoon tea. The issue of delivery is still open. During the lessons the children learn complex robotics, including 3D modeling, programming, work on the machines with numerical control, working with hand tools – that is all that is needed to create the technical project. In each shift four-level projects.

“Cineholidays.Novosibirsk” from the Studio feature film “Colors”

There will be one shift from 4 to 14 August at the recreation center “Turgrad” (a division of the camp “Timurovets”). The price, including transfers and 5 meals a day, – 21 500 rubles. Children will take part in the filming of short films and blogs. The master classes on makeup and special effects, quests and contests.

Summer camp chkalovets

This is a standard ticket to the summer camp, which features Wellness treatments. Depending on the season offer on the website of the tour cost from 29 to 31 thousand rubles (20 days).

Standard ticket to the children’s camp – 21 days

30-40 thousand rubles

Camp “light a star”. The cost of arrivals in the camp from 19 thousand. There are also races, which includes two programs. For Example, “Stop.Think.Act + Smart kvantorium” from 4 to 24 June. Voucher worth 34 thousand rubles. Smart kvantorium project with elements of scientific activities and innovative creativity. There are experiments in physics, chemistry, biology, botany, astronomy and mathematics. Plus a two-day workshop on robotics, master-class school of television. “Here you go.Think.Act” is the project of quests and team games, as well as the basics of Hiking (setting up tents, lighting fires, Morse code). In the price includes transportation, accommodation, meals, insurance.

Vouchers to children’s camps on the Black sea starts from 50 thousand rubles

From 50 to 80 thousand rubles

In the children’s recreation center “Master” three Crimean camp “Mandarin” near Evpatoria (59 900 rubles); Smart Camp (69 800 rubles) – in Zaozerne village, children’s camp I&Camp on the West coast of the Crimea (78 900 roubles). Races on 17 days in July. The price includes flights, transfers, accommodation, meals, insurance and program of the camp.

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